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Hey Bears

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I was wondering if you could offer up a few prayers/glows/thought/wishes for my family. My dad died unexpectedly early Friday morning and it's been pretty hard. Especially for my kiddos who lost their last grandfather. He was 72.

Anyway, it's a comfort to me to know that my family has worldwide support through sites like this.


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That's way too young for a dad to die - mine was two weeks short of his seventieth birthday when he died suddenly of a heart attack. At any age, it's just such a huge loss.

You have our thoughts and support, Jules. The loss of your dad will never be erased, but the memories of his life will always be with you.

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Your family has our condolences, Jules. Many Bears have experienced your loss and our prayers are with you and your family.

My father died a few years back. I think of him most during baseball season. Baseball was his love so when I have a catch with my kids, I do so in his memory. This is how I keep my father close.
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My condolences, Jules. "We'll all be there."
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May he rest in peace, and all those who've gone before him.
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Sorry for your family's loss. You and your father will be in our prayers at mass this afternoon.
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take care, Jules, your extended family is thinking of you. [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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All our thoughts and prayers are with you.
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What a sad time for you. Time will help, now is the hardest part.
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Thinking of you Jules
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My condolences Jules.
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Thinking of you, Jules, and wishing you peace.
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I add my prayers and thoughts. Life is precious, savor every moment and give the kiddo's a big hug.
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Thank you everyone. We made it through the calling, funeral and burial. Now comes the hard part--making a new normal. I appreciate so much all your prayers and thoughts.
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As you said Jules, "Now comes the hard part".

Time will heal it, but never cure.
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