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East Coast this weekend

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I mostly ski in Europe but am in New Jersey for work and was hoping to get a weekend's skiing in while I'm here. I'll be driving up tomorrow afternoon / evening and returning Sunday night.


Where are the conditions good at the moment? Is it worth making the 5 hour drive to Vermont or should I go somewhere closer? I'm considering Stowe but don't know any of the East Coast resorts so very open to advice.


I'm an advanced skier, but will be on my own so plan to stay on piste. Ideally looking for a combination of good conditions and challenging terrain.



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Hunter Mt or Windham... Easy drive and decent compared to Mt Creek... Or take the drive and head to VT.

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This past weekend New England was hit with the local specialty of "new snow, rain, deep cold".  Virtually anything ungroomed is now a solid sheet of ice. 


I only really pay attention to the forecast data from Stowe.  They've picked up new snow this week which at least gives the groomers something to work with and it's been really cold, so the snowmakers have been cranking it out as well.  On Monday, conditions were reported as "hockey rink".  All of Stowe's "classic terrain" is closed right now and probably will be until a big storm comes along and covers up the ice.


So, yes, there will be skiing, but realistically speaking, it's going to be groomer days.  You'll want to go to a place with big snowmaking systems and great groomers -- Mt. Snow, Okemo, Stratton and Stowe are the first four that come to mind in Vermont that fit that bill.  The first three are pretty close to each other, Stowe is much further north.

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Killington has several advanced trails open & recently covered with new man made snow. They just finished blowing snow on Outer Limit Tues., heard it's soft & sweet. If you're looking for something a little more difficult to ski I'd give them a shot as opposed to the blue groomers at some of the other areas mentioned (exception being Stowe). Stowe was blowing National & Liftline earlier this week so some of the front four are open & very skiable. K will save you at least any hours drive over Stowe.

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In that case I think I'll give Killington a shot - 4 hours feels a lot more manageable than the 5 1/2 or so to Stowe and I'm not here often so I might as well make the drive to one of the bigger resorts.


Thanks for all the help!

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I traversed down Outer Limits yesterday after the guns were shut down and Killington picked up a couple of inches of natural snow. It looked to be its usual mogul-field self by the end of the day with people trying to ski the combo of man made and natural snow covering the trails.


Almost everything that was open was groomed.


As a tip from my 5 days at Killington this past two years avoid the K-1 Gondola after 10am or so, the line will be way too long to enjoy. Do however try and start your day there. Cascade and East Fall are best first thing in the morning before the headwall gets turned to ice.


Snowdon, Supertar, and Needles Eye are going to be the less used lifts, as well as North Ridge and Canyon up the mountain.


If this system coming through tomorrow drops a couple of inches, conditions could be quite nice.

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