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Miniature Ski Items! HELP!

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I am looking for miniature ski items to use to decorate my wedding cake next month.

I am having trouble finding small signs to make a 'mountain sign', 'trail sign' ... any accessories.


I have found some miniature trees that look nice during the xmas season when looking at winter villages

and accessories.


Would love if I could find other ski noveltie items, skiis/poles/boots, Ski Patrol items.


Items need to be big enough and pretty enough to put on the cake I dont want the figurines

to cheapen the wedding cake. The Lenox figurines are nice but they dont really have accessories.


Anyone across the country help?


Thanks in advance!

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Model train store? And there used up be whole Christmas villages that had skiing, so maybe a Christmas store? I was all set to tell you Playmobil until you said Lenox..

Maybe these guys?
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Thanks yes I've seen those. I was hoping to find more 'accessories'... I am debating on paying to have ski

figures of 'us' made from either sugar or polymer clay but would like add-on's for the mountain.  :)


I looked at christmas time at the villages, found some wooden skiis that I bought but havent seen much else.


I dont think ski gift shops would carry anything small that could be used.

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Try looking at christmas tree ornaments. 

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Would sub-70mm skis be miniature enough (talking about width, not length)?

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