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Looking to buy skis

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I am looking to buy skis boots and pools not sure what to get and sizes I'm 5/11 185 lbs

I'm from South Dakota and have only skied around here but am going to start going with some friends to like Montana, salt lake and Colorado but a majority of my time in SD

I am 23 and I have only skied for a year but I am aggressive and quick learner and idk if it makes a difference but I am athletic I guess what I mean is I don't want to buy skis and grow out of them right away.
Would like to spend prob around 6-700

Sioux Falls has a good shop owned by jay dodge they r very helping

I would say I'm and average skier more on the aggressive side I have only been renting skies so for size I can't tell u I do know they have been rossignol skies will prob ski a couple times a month

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I'd highly recommend you focus your attention and money on boots first, take the time to find a ski boot that works well for you!

you said there is a shop close to you, maybe they have a good boot guy working there that can help you finding the right boot for you!

don't worry too much about poles, get the cheapest you can find with a comfortable grip for you!

about skis, how about you go from rentals to demo skis? once you have boots, you will be able to focus on finding skis that you like!
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What he said. Boots are the key to enjoying skiing and also to improving. If you don't have a good connection to your skis they won't do what you want. Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wikis about terminology and fitting so you have some understanding of how a boot should fit. That way you'll be better prepared for the shop guy who asks what your shoe size is.

And just so you know, nobody can recommend a specific boot or even a specific brand for you. It all depends on your foot and nobody on the internet can see your foot.
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I will second what mfa81 said, boots will make or break you up until recently when i got some custom foot-beds made for my boots they were killing my arches. Even though they were a hundred times better than rentals it still made for painful days. 


As for ski's what me and my lady did because around here in MN on local hills demos are few and far between, we did a lot of research into good intermediate ski's that would be a good size to learn until we figured out what we liked and didn't like. Having said that we knew what ski's had good reviews and hunted for a year or two older to save on the pocket book. When you tally up what your spending on rentals as opposed to having your own stuff your going to come out ahead. And on top of that your also going to know what a real ski feels like as the rentals usually have an edge about as sharp as a wooden spoon. Even picking up some used or good demo ski's would benefit you over rentals but definitely if money is any concern get boots, foot-beds and canting done and just wait on ski's.

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Eddyjbird if u don't mind me asking what skis did u end up settling on
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Originally Posted by kloss View Post

Eddyjbird if u don't mind me asking what skis did u end up settling on

Initially bought 2013/2014 Rossignol Experience 83 great ski I thought. Really wanted to go with the Volkl RTM 81 but prices were still pretty high. But did well all around I think for the midwest never did i feel unsafe on the ice/hardpack conditions we have here. Found those over the fall at a swap still in the wrapper for $199 and bindings cost me $129. Unfortunately I found EpicSki a little later on otherwise some great deals can be had here in the Gear Swap section. But as our skiing progressed they were way to short so i just picked up some Kastle MX78 in a 178 those Rossignol's were 168 which are being passed down to the lady this week actually.


I really went into all this realizing full well that my initial ski's would be more of a learning ski that i would outgrow and knew down the road i would be either loosing that investment or passing it down. I didn't want to get the best ski's right off so i could get a feel for what that range was and then be able to step up and appreciate the next level. To me in my brain it made perfect sense glad i did because the anticipation of skiing on these new ones is just like Christmas.

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Thank u eddyjbird
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I have a chance to buy some rossignol experience 88 in 186 brand new in shrink wrap I'm 5/11 185lbs would that be to big for me
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