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New member introduction

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Hi my name is Kieth and i thought i would take a minute to introduce myself. I joined earlier in the year but have only been lurking and i thought i would try and contribute to the forums a bit.I grew up in Maine and skied at sunday river ski area most of my earlier years. I also skied at other ski areas in Maine such as pleasant valley(now shawnee peak i think) ,lost valley(night skiing) and sugerloaf.I did some racing in high school ,but was never an olympic prodigy. I moved to colorado in 1996 and worked in breckenridge  where i was able to ski almost every day from 10 am on. I got in about as many days that year as i ever have in my life. I then moved to boulder where i got in a few days of skiing here and there until about 2004. I mention this because i then did not ski again until this year. I basically took 10 years off from skiing.  I guess you could say life got in the way. This summer i made a conscious effort to make this year the time to get back into skiing. I decided to buy a rocky mountain super pass.  Also after some research bought last years atomic theory skis. In retrospect i should have bought boots first as the raichle flexon comps i have always tore up my shins. Needless to say it only took one day on the slopes to realize i needed boots as well and could not make it through this season with the boots i had. I ended up buying lange rx 100 l.v. boots as i have long narrow feet. I will say it was a bit weird trying to buy new skis as the technology has changed so much since the last time i bought skis. My last skis were salomon exhibition demo skis that were 203's. My new skis are 186 which is by far the smallest skis i have had since i was in middle school. I cant say i am in love with my new skis but they seem to do the job.Anyways,enough of my life story lol Here are a few pics of some days at winter park and copper this year.




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Welcome to Epic. Some damn knowledgeable and just plain nice people hang out here. Keep the pics coming.
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Ty for the welcome...yes there seems to be lots of knowledgeable people on this forum.

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