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Ramp Angle

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I was reading a boot review (2015 Atomic Hawx) and the tester said "Low ramp angle put me in the back seat.  Would like a heel lift."  Does higher ramp angle generally help staying out of the back seat?  It seems i hear contradictory information concerning this.

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In general----- if you raise the heel you will move load toward the fore foot---if you lower the heel the reverse will occur.


There is more to the equation than just heel height------ you have to include the boots amount of forward lean, the skiers calf size , the angle created by the binding heel to toe height differential (Delta angle), and the length of the boot sole. and then there is always the fact that some folks ski in the back seat out of the fear of steepness.;)



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Mike is correct about all the factors.  However, if you raise the heel you do tilt the body forward and many people in order to get back in balance move rearward.    If increasing ramp angle kept us forward manufacturers in the last few years would have left angles alone instead of reducing them in many boots and bindings.



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