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Shin splints/ shin bang

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I'm from Texas ans ski every year. I don't have the funds to buy my own boots just yet. Every single year my shins (the bone, specifically) gets bruised and very painful. I am female, 5'8" 130 with chicken legs and a size 9.5 foot. My shin bones are very unpadded and calves pretty skinny. I don't know how to prevent it. I ski with my shins forward (no technique pro, but I believe that's correct) and after a day or two, I can't ski blacks anymore for the pain. Is there some insert to protect them? Other advice? I won't have much time for trial and error since I only ski 3-4 days a year, but I don't want to be miserable! Thanks!
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Few people have much 'padding' on the front of the shin bone, so you are not alone.  I suspect you are wearing a boot that is too big for you or you are not buckling down well enough.  Your leg should not be 'loose' in the boot once fastened down, it should be very snug. If it fits correctly you should not be getting the bruising.  You can get ski socks with extra padding on the front of the shin to help a bit, don't be double socking though!  Using rental boots is not ideal either, since you can only get whatever they use and are typically selected to fit the 'average' foot and who knows how many days are on them too.


Hope this helps some for you!

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Thanks! Yes they are super snug when I buckle. Let's say I were to invest in a boot in the future. Where should I go to buy to ensure a proper fit? Thanks for the input!
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Personally I would recommend Harb Ski Systems for boot fitting, I have personally used them for years and they are top notch.


They are located outside Denver on I-70 heading up towards A-Basin/Keystone, Breck, etc.  Harold or Diana can help you there.  You might even just call and talk to them, I'm sure they would share advise, or post up on their forum for comments.

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