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How Many lost there old Username?

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SnO* I did not, I changed my public name "out of simpathy" for those who had.
Now that I've got the feeling that things are somehow back to "normal", I'm Matteo again (but "Nobody" was funnier)
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Right, oboe was lost for awhile, but now it's back. It frightens me to think how much these "screen" names mean to some of us - such as to me.
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i have always been who i am.
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How Many lost there old Username?

I was just wondering How many people lost their original username? I know of
Bonnie, oboe, Ryan, Matteo, and Wear the Fox Hat.

Anyone else??????? It seems I was saved the horriable fate.
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Never lost my Epic name, however...

Every 2 years I get a new license plate. Gave up Kee Tov 2 years ago for Now Ski. ( I used duct tape and changed it to Snow Ski...until a trooper pulled me over for defacing a plate). Well, 2 years were up, so I decided I missed Kee Tov and wanted it back....some one else got it from the time I saw it was available to when I actually ordered it!!!

Now I am Zeh Tov. I went from "It is good" to "That is good".
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LOL Matteo!

Oboe, I thought you lost it...

I am glad my thing didn't go back to my orignial browser name... lol you remember BJ! Oh I still cannot believe how that one sounded.
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Kee... that sucks to lose the plate you had before!
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Where is Wear The Fox Hat?
Has he morphed?----

Oops, sorry, found him in Where Has Fox Been Lately?
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P.S. Matteo I thought Nobody was pretty funny, too.
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I look at it not as losing a username, but gaining one.
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Wow, I've really lost status over the last few years. I was member #50, then changed user names and wa then like #1215 or so. Now with this. I was able to get my user name back, but it now has me as a new user at #6090...oh how we've grown
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I changed my e-mail address to a non-working address (my mistake). Because of that, my account became inactive. The board Admins were nice enough to manually activate my account.
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Where o where did the man from oz go? He should be fired up for skiing soon in Australia. Did he lose his name and number also?
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He's been seen in the lounge the last couple of days.
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I did, had to re-register and in the mean time my 100's message credits had got lost also. but who cares.
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I used to be somebody.
I used to be a contender.
But fame is fleeting, and the public, fickle.
You've got to have titanium skin in this business.
You've got to have a shell.
A hard shell.
An impenetrable, soundproof shell.
Without internet access.
The kind of shell a giant, robot snail would have.
Or a giant robot hermit crab.
You gotta be tough.

And now I'm just plain Hue. World-weary, Tired and Finding it Hard. We Travailled For Hours, and where did we find ourselves?
Where, I ask you?

Well, the answer is simple.

We arrived here.
And you only have one question to ask about this location...
Wear The Fox Hat.
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You gotta be a regular Hue and keep up with developments for this to be returned to normal.
To enter the tardis and go back to a funnier time ask AC. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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I may have to do that.
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