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Sit-Ski Rental in Salt Lake?

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Does anyone know of any place in or around Salt Lake City to rent a sit-ski/monoski (I've heard them called both but since there are stand-up monoskis as well I am going to stick with "sit-ski")?


I have a trip planned with some friends and family for Jan 30-Feb 4 to Salt Lake. However, yesterday I hurt my knee pretty bad playing hockey. The doctor thinks I most likely tore my MCL and possibly more. I am getting an MRI, so I'll know exactly how bad everything is after that.


Unless by some miracle everything is intact and I can turn around a quick rehab in 3 weeks I will probably not be ready in time for our trip. I would love to still go and get on the snow somehow though. I have never sit-skied before but if there was some way I could rent one for a few days that would be awesome. I'm sure I'll be stuck to the bunny hills, but it's better than nothing! I figure if there is any place in the world that would have something like this Salt Lake would be it.




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As a novice sit-skier you would need a handler. Contact the Adaptive dept. @ the resort you plan on skiing.
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