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2015 Dynastar Slicer??

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I was skiing a number of new Dynastar demos the other day on very hard east coast snow.  I was testing the versatility of widish 'all mountain skis', which I assume would be fine in softer snow but I like to see how well skis handle conditions they're not built for.


After skiing the Cham 97 (metal version) and the Powertrac 89, I got on the Slicer, mostly due to the rep's advice, he said it had a great 'edge' and was as competent on hard snow as the other two models, just few people tried it because it is promoted as a park and pipe softie. But he felt that was a real mistake.


I looked over the 175cm model: minimal camber, notable tip and tail rise, twin-tip, 98mm waist, medium/ soft flex and was skeptical.  But, after skiing it for an hour on some of the hardest snow of the season here in Southern New England, I was very, very impressed, even shocked by it's stability and ease of use, on edge, in very firm snow.  I'd go so far as to say it inspired confidence where I had been trepidatious.


It's behavior just didn't seem to match it's appearance (why demoing is so important, I guess!), but, I had to agree with the Rep, I liked it's hard snow manners much better than the Cham and as much as the Powertrack 89 (which, is a pretty fine hard snow ski for a widish board as well).  In fact, I thought is handled as well as my Rev 90 which I own and have been liking a great deal.


So….ever in the search of a better mousetrap, I began thinking about trying/ buying the 181cm version of this ski as a 85% of the time East coast all-mountain ski, good western travel ski and medium to low (or even deeper) eastern Glade ski.


From what I can tell, this is the exact same ski as the older 6th sense Slicer…does anyone know if it is different at all from that ski?  Anyone skiing on this version (or an older version) of the Slicer or have any input on the versatility of the ski and in relative lengths?? 


FWIW, I liked the 175cm, but felt if a longer length would increase its use envelope east and west?  I patrol (pro and folly 50/50) and travel for skiing, and i thought it would make a decent work and play ski.  



I've been thinking of simplifying my ski life (shrinking my quiver from 4 to two skis: One frontside ski, one backside ski w/ AT/ hybrid binding-Slicer in a 181 being the wider version).


Also, and I suppose this is a long shot, If anyone has the knowledge, can you compare the Dynastar Slicer to this year's K2 Shreditor 102 184cm, another ski in the running for this slot. (I have skied the Shreditor 92 and liked it a lot..)


OH, addendum, for those who care, Not the biggest fan of the Chams (they're quick and capable, popular on patrol but somehow not my special sauce), I am a fan of the new Powertrack 89 in hard and funky snow…love to take it in trees and bumps to see it's limits.  


Thanks, and yes I have searched and read every related review I can find on Epic and beyond (there is nothing all that current..).


Thanks Guys…anyone got a long term forecast for snow in the east…dry and cold as far as the eye can see!

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How hard is it, would you say, to steer/twist the tips of the Slicers at very low angles of engagement?   Like if you want to tighten up the track in crud, using core strength instead of high angle edges?

Also, how damp did they feel, esp on coral?

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Well, again, hard and icy (and frozen snowmaking mounds) is all I skied them on.  They look like they're built to pivot well, but I didn't do that much.  They were a reasonably damp ski, I think I'd choose an adjective like smooth over damp vs. lively to describe them. 

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I was thinking of re-titling this thread 'Blizzard Brahma vs. Kastle MX88'  to ramp up viewing traffic…  :) oh, well, I am asking about an obscure ski, I suppose,  

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I was on sibling ski, Distorter, once. Hated it, but it was a few years back and only for a run or two. Therefore nothing of value to contribute. But since you are looking for activity ...
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I like my Brahma and my MX78 if that helps.
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I had the Paradise (women's version) as one of my Steals & Deals winner a few years ago when it was $599 and now that these have dropped to $549, it is an even better value. The Slicer is a ski that he's held up to the test of time. You liked it, get it, ski it, be happy. 

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I've had the Slicer, (175 cm), since 2011 and other than an uglier top-sheet stage, I'm ninety-something percent sure that the ski has not changed in that time. I agree with your assessment of the Slicers harder snow performance, it does perform better than one might think a "park" ski should. FWIW; back in 2011 when I was researching skis to buy, I noticed that at least one magazine had categorized the Slicer as a "big mountain" ski. I have not skied the Cham 97 which has some metal in it, but it does not surprise me that the metal-less Slicer felt better in harder snow due to; a) the Slicer has a mild early tip rise in comparison to the Cham 97, resulting in more edge to snow contact and, b) I believe you may have underestimated the Slicers stiffness rating which I would personally rate a bit stiffer than you have. Being strictly a a directional skier, my one complaint concerning the Slicer is that, in order to give it some "park" capabilities, Dynastar put too much early rise in the tail. The result of this being that, in firmer snow in particular, the ski tends to skid and not finish a turn as well as I might like. FYI; Dynastar has a weight chart for this ski. If I'm remembering correctly the 175cm length is recommended for expert skiers 150 lb-170??, but you should be able to google this. In conclusion, I know I'm stating the obvious, but a longer length will give you more stability and edge on harder snow. Hope this helps anyone who is interested. Thanks.
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