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Hey guys,

I just picked up a new pair of Lange XT 100 boots and have a couple questions. First off a bit about my skiing:

I'm an intermediate skier usually stick to blue and easier black runs. I've tried to get more time on the slopes the last couple years and I'm trying to improve to get more comfortable on more challenging terrain.

I'm currently using Rossignol Experience 83's

I'm 31yo, 5'8" 195lbs (slightly out of shape lol)

Typically ski in the mountains of Alberta/BC (ie Louise, sunshine, marmot, kicking horse, etc), try to go 6-12 days a season.

Went from a Noridca Spark boot 27.5 which was about a size too big, new boot is 26.5.

I tried on a number of boots and the Lange's fit perfectly. I found my old boots got too soft as the day went on and the toe box way too spacious so I would always be pushing down on my toes and curling them up. I also had bad arch cramps so I had custom footbeds made last year and they helped tremendously.

Now for my questions, first is the XT 100 boot too soft of a flex for my size and ability? What is worse, a boot too stiff or too soft? Also the XT boots is designed for backcountry use also and has a hike mode. While I don't currently do any backcountry stuff, I do frequently stay in on mountain accommodations and do some short walks to and from the lifts, so the hike mode would be nice. But am I sacrificing something in this case?

Lastly for my footbeds, can I just trim the toe end to make them fit my new boots? Or am I better off getting a boot fitter to do it?

I know the answer to a lot of this will be to go see a boot fitter, just haven't had time too yet. I got a great deal on these boots, but from a store I didn't have the most confidence in so I didn't really trust their opinions. I didn't buy these boots though just because of the deal, in fact all the boots they had were on sale and the selection was impressive, these just felt best. That being said if a fitter tells me they aren't the right choice, I'll listen.

Anyways your opinions would be much appreciated.