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Wedding album

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Man, it's 3 days later, and I'm still in the fog! And I don't mean mountain fog! :

The wedding was short and sweet, and even though the fog rolled in and stayed all day, it was a beautiful day for Jeff and me.

In attendance were:
Bennett ( aka oboe: Judge of the Day)
Laurie (skierteach1)
Anthea (ant)
Lisamarie and MarkXS
Ginger (my daughter)
Dave and Jake (friends from Iowa, coworkers)
Bennett's friend Dick, who gave us the grand tour in the fog, thank YOU!

We were supposed to start at 10, but got a late start, and the actual wedding didn't start until after 10:30. The triple lift was really close to the snow at certain spots, and Dave decided to stick a leg down to see if he could touch the snow...well, not only could he touch it, the tip of his ski dug in and it came out of the binding. We heard Jake laughing hysterically from 2 chairs behind us, and when the story came out, Dave was a little sheepish the rest of the ride. [img]redface.gif[/img]

Jeff volunteered to ski down to get it, since he had the most skiing skills. He missed the spot by about 8 towers and had to ski down and go up again to find out where it was. Under the triple chair, there isn't much cover, so he hiked down in knee deep slush. Going down wasn't so bad, he said, but the climb out was a hot and sweaty good time. Not.

Dave got his ski, and we all assembled by the chapel. I dug my boots into the snow a little so Jeff would be taller than me (we're Almost the same height....tee hee). It was a beautiful service written by us (with internet help, cheat cheat) and read and embellished by Bennett. I got a little misty, but then again, I'm a sentimental sap sometimes.

After the ski pole salute, we skied down off the Toll Road, which was not a lot of fun, since it was flat and mushy. Dick showed us around some nice places, and was kind enough to ski to the turns in the trails and wait for some of our slower skiers. Dave and Jake don't ski often, and Ging hadn't been on a snowboard for 3 years, but they quickly gained confidence and we were off on the blue trails.

LM and MarkXS had just gotten back from a week in Whistler, and decided to call it a day before lunch. That was a wise decision. Being tired on thick slush is a bad combination! We missed them, but understood. :

Lots of biffing goin on by everyone! I think we all fell at least once! The fog was thick, and for a while, you couldn't see people below you on the trails from the lift, or 2 chairs ahead of you. Not great conditions, but it lifted a little later and we went over to Gondolier and tried that.

Jake had only skied 7 times in his life (he's an old guy of 25 years old), and he was doing AMAZINGLY WELL! He did ask at the start of Gondolier, with its slushy moguls, if I was trying to kill him. Not purposefully, no. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

At lunch break we met Erik Timmerman(epic), and said hi. He was on his way to the year end party...tip time! We would see him later at the Rusty Nail with his beautiful daughter. After lunch we lost Laurie, (who face planted on Gondolier...from a stop! See thread in the Lounge). We lost Jake, Dave, and Ging too......all of them were exhausted from the workout. That left oboe, ant, Jeff, and me.

We skied until about 3:45, and called it a good day......no one died. Back at our room, we got a big surprise....the biggest bunch of flowers I have ever seen! It was from some of our dear friends at epicski! Jeff and I were overcome with the kindness we've found on AC's website. Thanks everyone....they are BEAUTIFUL!

After a quick shower, we went to the Rusty Nail for a bit, had a few drinks, and then went back to our room and chatted and watched Warren Miller movies. Laurie made alfredo, and some dynamite Italian meatballs. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] LM boiled the spaghetti (in the morning I found dry broken spaghetti everywhere on the floor.....heh heh) I made BBQ beef and we had sandwiches. There was a hot tub that some enjoyed, and a pingpong table that I got my butt whipped on, and I think everyone was full and happy.

We got up the next morning and guess what? The clearest, bluest, warmest day I've ever seen! Not a cloud in the sky! : ha

Here's the link to the pictures. Thanks again to all the Bears and friends who made this day really special.

I think I'll collapse now.

pictures here!
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In another thread a discussion of New England steepness is being debated.

Let me assure you the pitch under that lift is nearly vertical! At least it felt like it climbing back out! Going down was easy!
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That's called Hackett's Highway, it's quite gnarly further down, cliffs of rocks that never seem to get quite covered.

nice pikkies! Very clear and pretty especially the close-ups.
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"Bennett's friend Dick" first posted on this site as RSell (Richard Sell) and most recently as Jericho (he lives in Jericho, Vermont about five or so miles from my house). Dick is a PSIA Level II instructor working at Stowe (part time) with ant and epic. He has been an enormous help to me in times past, and he was a gracious guide - particularly helpful in the pea soup fog.
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P.S. Bonni and skier_j, my apologies for the "embellishment". It's like furniture for some people - show me some words, and I just gotta rearrange them!
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I am experiencing some technical difficulties uploading my pictures to my site. My host says there is nothing wrong, but things are not working right. The pictures are now available at the URL that follows, but the streaming video is giving me trouble, hopefully it will be available soon. (BTW-my pictures did not come out that great.)

wedding pictures
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Again, congrats to Bonni and Jeff!

And skierteach1, great pictures. I really like the B&G walking through the arch created by raised ski poles. Cool.
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LOVE the pictures all...
Very cool!
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Empty your PM box! it's full!
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Finally got around to it, Dave. Done. :
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I forgot about the people! Since I had this ridiculous veil velcroed to my helmet - trailing out behind as I skied - and ribbons on the poles, I did get a lot of comments and congratulations. (The groom escaped this social sparring as he was unadorned)

At one point, I was standing in the liftline alone (Jeff was still coming down to it), and a group of 20-something guys said "Did you get married?" I said, "I seem to be missing a groom! Would one of you like to stand in for him?"

This was extremely funny to them, and while they were laughing, Jeff skiing into the corral, and I said, "Oh, dang, here he is". They said congratulations, etc, and got on the lift.

I saw them (rather, they saw me) about 4 times after that, and I got "woo hoo's" and "way to go's" from them each time they went overhead on the lift or skied under the lift we were on. I'd be grinding my way down the run in the slush, and I'd hear the cheering section on the lift.

I thought that rather cool. Thanks, guys. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Verrry Nice Bonni!
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You were famous, actually. It went all around the resort that there was someone skiing in full wedding regalia. People were asking me about it, as they saw me with the group. Made quite a stir for several days!
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Congratulations, Bonni and Jeff. It was beautiful for us cyberbystanders too.
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Thanks nolo...and everyone! It's a beautiful life!
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