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Wax iron dead

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My Toko wax iron is not heating up.  Any thoughts on what could be the issue?  It's dead cold.  Confirmed outlet is good.  Switched it from 1200 to 600 and back.  Turned temp dial down and up again.  Banged it on the workbench.  Looked for break in power cord.

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Most probable cause is bad cord or plug.  Simplest 1st step is open up the iron and use a multimeter to test voltage at the cord leads.

If current (120V) is getting that far then you're into the realm of appliance repair.  Probably cheaper to replace iron unless you have the tools and knowledge to trouble shoot.  And the patience to find the burned out part.  Good luck.

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My cord broke inside.  I did hear it spark though.  Watch the first moments of this one.

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Irons typically have a thermal fuse in them.  If for any reason the circuitry gets too hot such as due to a voltage spike the thermal fuse will pop.


If this is the case with your iron you can replace the thermal fuse if you can take your iron apart.  The fuse will most likely be held in line with the wire it connects to by metal crimps.


Our clothes iron blew its thermal fuse a couple of years ago while living in Africa because on of our kids plugged it into a 230v outlet instead of using the 120v to 230v transformer.  The hardest part was finding the fuse and crimps from a supplier that was cost effective to ship to Africa at the time.  The fuses and crimps are cheap....check with radio shack or even a small appliance repair shop.


If you do take the iron apart, take some pictures of how the wires are attached and routed as if you mix them up you can fry the control circuit and then the iron will be toast.


Hope that helps and you can get it working again.

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Well I took it apart, in the meantime I ordered a new iron.  I'll have to take it out of the trash now and look for the fuse lol.  I kind of gave up after taking it apart.

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Thermal fuses come in different shapes and sizes.  Here is a pic of a few to give you an idea of what to look for.


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