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I got some Dalbello Viper 100 boots last year and have skied on them over a dozen times. I normally wear 10.5-11 shoes, though I am wearing 27.5 boots as that is what I was told would fit me best. While my left foot feels okay most of the time my right foot feels like it is being compressed on the widest part. Also it feels like my balls of my feet on both of my feet can start to bother me every so often and feel like they are going numb. Any/All pain goes away after I take them off. I am also trying to figure out how tight the boots should be, I adjust them a lot while on the mountain. It feels like when I tighten them I can get better performance, but I sacrifice comfort.


I see there is a place locally called the foot performance center:


I am thinking about going to them, one of the guys that works there was a ski instructor and gave me a lot of good pointers on the slope.