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Is the bonafide right for me?

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Ok guy's I'm wanting to add a 98-100 ski to my quiver. Currently have 7.6 magnum and e83. I'm an advanced skier 6 feet 220lb(but plan on getting down to 200). Ski mostly in the Midwest but get to the east and west a week each year. I've read a lot of reviews and some people say it likes fast big turns but not slower smaller turns, most of the reviewers were a lot smaller than I. I like to do both large and small turns both slow and fast. Don't really have a place local to demo, and was wondering if you guy's would work for a guy my size?
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It is significantly more ski than either the magnum 7.6 or the E83, you might like the Kabookie more.

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Beware of assuming the most popular ski is best for you.  I like the Kabookie idea too, it will be a much more fun ski in soft snow than the Bonafide, easier to control for sure, and since you already have more hard snow oriented skis (7.6 and E83) you won't lose so much on the ice anyway.



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The reason I didnt look at the kabookie is I ski mostly in the Midwest we don't get a lot soft snow to ski on mostly hard pack and a lot of icy conditions. I was under the impression the bonafide was better for Midwest and east skiing. I demoed the e98 last year and liked it but was wanting to go a with a lighter in the same class.
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bonafide will make short turns easily, a pleasure to ski.
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I think if you like your other two narrower skis, then you already have skis for hard snow and ice. 


I live in the east (VT) and have skied in the Midwest.  Although it is predominantly hard snow, soft snow does exist and can happen in these locales.  My personal opinion for someone in your situation is to go with the Kabookie for days with any fresh snow and (assuming you like and will keep your narrower skis) when the snow gets hard go back to a ski that isn't almost 100mm underfoot- regardless of whether there is metal in it or not.


Just my .02



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Yes, the Bonafide is fairly strong, the Kabookie is a bit lighter (bit just as stiff) I would add the NRGy100 to the suggestion list, it could be a nice softer snow complement to the two other skis mentioned and is a bit happier doing different turns than the Bonafide ad lower to medium speeds. 

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I  find the Bonafide to be a terrific go anywhere, do anything ski.  It also seems to be well made and resistant to damage.

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I'll throw a twist in this; why do you want a 98-ish ski? Given that you have a 83 mm ski that's quite decent for a few inches of pow, and assuming you want this ski for the rare real powder day or for spring slush, at your weight something in the 110-115 range seems like a minimum to get any float at sub-mach speeds. The Supernatural 109, Volkl One, Helldorado all come to mind. Here's a very nice deal on the later: http://www.bahnhof.com/Nordica-Helldorado-Big-Mountain-Ski-201314/PAPBIBMCEOCMMJMF/product?ad_id=froogle&key_id=NordicaHelldoradoBigMountainSki201314&gclid=CK-L4I_g_8ICFXFo7AodTBwA2w

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