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If you like blues and greens, I would recommend Stratton, Okemo, Mount Snow, maybe even Gore. They're all like 1.5-2 hrs driving distance from Albany airport. These are fairly large resorts full of cruisers. Cheapest would be Gore but not much to do other than skiing. It is also true to level, meaning the black runs in the others could qualify for Blues in general. Gore has some challenging terrain. Stratton would be the most expensive of all but with the most non-skiing options. Lots of shops/restaurants in the village. Fairly close to Manchester VT if you like outlet shopping. Stratton/Okemo does very good job in grooming. They also nicely mark non-groomed trails before you enter. Mount snow used to have slow lifts, but they recently installed a new bubble lift. Haven't been since, should be in better shape.


I personally dislike Killington. Lots of apres but overrated mountain. Does not reflect its vertical. And because of its fame, most likely will be even more crowded than others. Btw, the ones in VT would be much more crowded on weekends. I sometimes experienced 30 minute waits.


In NH, Loon is not bad but expensive. It doesn't have as much wide-long blue runs either. But easily accessible from Boston or Manchester NH. Straight highway driving. Maine resorts are also nice but not much apres. Also you'd be driving on country roads to access.


Haven't skied in Northern VT. Stowe is famous but expensive. If you fly to Burlington VT, you'll have access to many big resorts within 1-2 hours drive. Whiteface, Stowe, Smuggs, Sugarbush, etc. Finally, Mt Tremblant, QC could be an exotic option if you could fly to Montreal or drive from Burlington. I heard they have a very nice village full of activities there.

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Until I started taking ski trips in Maine, I hadn't really heard of President's Week.  I don't think it affects pricing at all in Canada.  I believe the Que school Break is the same as the Nova Scotia/PEI School Break 15-21 March, Ontario and New Brunswick are a week or two before that.  I know that March Break timing in Canada definitely impacts pricing on trips south, so it wouldn't surprise me if it had an impact on Ski package pricing.  BTW if any of you Southerners were thinking Canadian vacation....our dollar is tubing.  I just bought US currency for almost .22 on the dollar, so I imagine going the other way is at least .14, .15 on the dollar to you.

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