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Gently used DPS Pure 112RP2 184cm...

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I got the bindings mounted on 12/31 and I skied them for a day on 1/3.  GREAT ski.  Just too short.  I really needed a 190cm.  I have a pair of Wailer 99s in 184 so I thought that these would be the correct length.  I was wrong.


Skis are in near flawless condition.  Obviously no base or edge wear/issues and no cosmetic issues with the top sheets (IE, no gouges dings, chips, etc).  Bindings are being removed and remounted on a new pair of 190s.  My miscalculation is your gain.


$750 firm.  Shipping is additional.  Pics upon request.  PM me with questions.

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if only they were the hybrids id snap them up..


was so ready to pm until i saw pure.



good luck

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I haven't read any user feedback on the new 112RP2 Pure3, either here or at TGR.


Any comments on the new 112RP2 Pure3 vs the original 112RP Pure ?


thanks - Andy

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I haven't heard any feedback either.  I also never skied the original Pures so I can't give you a comparison opinion.  I purchased them based on my love for the Wailer 99s.  Just bought them too short.


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PM sent

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Would the 184s be suitable for 5'8", 170 lbs?

What BSL are the bindings mounted for?





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I previously had 112RP Pures in 184.   I'm 5'9" 175 lbs -> great size for my H/W.

My pal is 6'1  210lbs and his DPS Pures are 191/192

They are so lightweight and easy to throw around.  I'm sure I could ride the 191 from an ease of maneuverability standpoint, but don't know if they might be too stiff.



What binding do you have on them ( Marker, Pivot, other ? ) , what BSL was the mount, and were they mounted on the line ?


thanks - Andy

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hi are these still available? flexible at all on price? thanks

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^ If you're still looking (assuming Sugarloafer321 sold his, since he didn't reply), now that winter is over you can get the 112RP2 brand-new for $760 (shipped) in most lengths.


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thanks 1000oaks! My post was from a while ago, I decided to go with the Cochise instead. Much better! (for what I look for in a ski)

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Reviving this thread since I'm looking to buy a pair of DPS Wailer 112 RP 2 Pure 3.

I'm 5'10", 185lbs, plan to use this as 90% touring and occasional inbounds powder day. I'm an aggressive skier and like to charge big lines.

Most skis in my quiver are around 180cm. Should I get the 184cm or 190cm?
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Hi, are your DPS still for sale ?

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