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The Wedding: a few shots

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The good shots will come later but here's a few in case anyone is wondering. We had a very misty day (unlike today which was blazing sunshine).

the Pensive Bride

Here we go...

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The first shot is quite accurate - the fog was thick enough to cut with a knife.

The second shot is the ring ceremony, and Jeff is placing the ring on Bonni's finger and telling her that her loves her for all the days of their lives.

The third shot is oboe presenting a new family - Jeff and Bonni Barcus, husband and wife. The photographer to the left is skierteach. What a happy, joyous occasion!!! THANK YOU, Bonni and Jeff, for according to all of us who were with you this very great honor and pleasure! Seeing you both so happy was more wonderful than words can convey. May your days together be very happy and very many!


Great shots, ant.
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And the after-ceremony ski...
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Thanks for keeping the Epic family together and growing!!!!
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Thanks ant for the photos.

Bonni and Jeff, you look great together. May your lives together be filled with joy and your winters filled with snow. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Congratulations, B&J, and thanks, Ant, for the pix. What could be better than that set of shots?
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Originally posted by KeeTov:

Thanks for keeping the Epic family together and growing!!!!
Actually, I can't take any credit for that one. The marriage was Bonni's and Jeff's idea .
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When I get my bags unpacked there may be more pictures to add. There may even be a streaming video if it came out ok. I told Bonni that she could see everything before it gets posted and pick out what she would like to share.

They probably won't even get downloaded until tomorrow because I am totally exhausted. I left Ben & Jerry's at 3 and didn't get home til 8:15 because I had a flat tire on the way home...it's hard to get help on a Sunday and the donut is good for only 50 miles. This happened in Barre, VT. I had to drive to Barre, MA (ironic isn't it...both towns have the same name).
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Beautiful pictures, Ant! I will post an album tomorrow when I have time to get it together!

There are stories to tell, and I will get to that, but perhaps a little while later in the week. Ginger is still here for another couple of days, and the neurologist awaits.

I just want to quickly thank ALL the super Bears who attended, OFFICIATED, arranged, and made this day an EPIC one for us. Never mind the slush, the fog, the headaches, the pace......it WAS a Bluebird Day in our minds. :

[ March 28, 2004, 07:19 PM: Message edited by: Queen B ]
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Cheers to the happy couple. Best of luck for a long and happy future.
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You guys look fabulous! (Some people have a first dance, some a first ski ) May all your days together be glorious. And hope for good news from the doctor.
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I still haven't got my wedding invite. And I had my eye on one of the bridesmaids...

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You both looked GREAT! Happy honeymoon. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Best wishes! Thanks for sharing your day with us.
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I have a bunch of pix. If I can find out where in stowe to buy computer CDs, and then if the computer can tell me how, I'll put them on it and send them to you guys. I can't believe how you got one of the worst weather and snow days Stowe has had! On the other hand, the mist makes everything look rather nice, and it softened everything. Skiteach's shots should be impressive. The light makes colours look really pretty for some reason.
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Fantastic! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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OK, they are on http://snowant.com/cpg/
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Well done, and all the best!

Here's to a long and happy life together, with lots of skiing!
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ant, you are too, too cool. Please come back next year!

For the record, ant is one smoooooooth skier, and the consumate movement analyser. She's also waaaaay modest.

Not too shabby as a photographer, either!
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Congrats to the newlywed!
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graagh, oboe! I wish I'd taken a few more snaps. These CDs I have bought today reckon they'll take 700mb of stuff. That's a lot! Now I have to work out how to put pictures on them. hmmm.

I still would have liked to have been on longer skis. That slush really throws you around, doesn't it?!
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It throws ME around . . . but it didn't appear to be giving YOU any problemo.
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it did. I was working like hell.

I just burned my first CD! At least, I assume I did. Wedding shots will be in the post tomorrow. Send my your current addy, Bonni!
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Done, and thanks, ant!

What a smooth skier ant is! She's like a duck going upstream.....calm on the outside and paddling like hell on the inside. Admirable.

Thanks for the advice. "Stay on edge and cut through the crud." (or something similar) It was only one sentence, but it made a difference. Amazing!
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ANt, you float over the snow, even the crud, with what appears to be great ease. You are Awesome!!!!! Like I told you, I'd love to return to ski with you next season. Hopefully you will return to the US and in particular, New England, so I can. I'd gladly pay the going rate for a day of private lessons with you!
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huh, you are all being way too nice. If I'm back here, I'll be very offended if you guys don't come ski with me (just let me know ahead so's I can get a day off! I'm not charging friends). You have to come for wings and beer afterwards though, that's the only stipulation.
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Agreed. Now, y'all come back, heah?! We'll ski from morning to arvo.
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Tell you what! You can get 2 orders of wings(or more if you want) all for yourself too!(take some home with you for another day).

I really could use your talent to pick my skiing apart and make suggestions for correction.
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Wings! Oh boy do I like wings.
Well, I'll do my sad best. Having the luxury of a whole day will be easy. Good experience for me, too.
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(include music) "Wings in the morning, wings in the arvo, wings at supper time . . ."
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