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Park City Suggestions

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Heading to Park City last weekend in January. Will be meeting a couple of friends. They do not arrive until late Friday night but my flight from BWI gets in at 10:15. Since we will be skiing PCMR for three days thought I would try and get to The Canyons to ski for a few hours in the afternoon. Any recommendations on a company to shuttle out to Park City. Was thinking of a shared van since it would be less money than a private car. Is there a bus from the airport to Park City?

Also thinking about renting skis instead of bringing mine. Flying Delta and by the time I pay the added baggage fees it may not be much more to rent. I will have my boots. Any recommendations on where to rent?

Thanks for any advice
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I've always used I don't know if they're any better or cheaper than any other company but they've always gotten me where I need to go.
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I don't have any personal experience with any of the shuttles, but I've been researching them as well for a trip I'm taking in early Feb.  Right now I'm leaning towards using  I'll have a big group and their price is $150 each way for up to 10 people.  It's $99 for 1-2 people though (private, I believe), I think I saw other companies at $45 each way for 1 person on a public/shared shuttle.  I think the name of that one was "Allresort airport shuttle," or something similar.


If you use this link (, you will find many different shuttle companies to look into.


I've never rented or skied in the Park City area, but on prior trips to SLC I have gotten my rentals at The Lifthouse, which is right at the mouth of BCC.  I have no basis for comparison since this is the only shop I've gone to, but I've been happy with them.  They also sold discount lift tickets to some resorts in the past, but I'm not sure if any of the Park City area resorts were available since I haven't skied there before.

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Haven't used them but other locals hold them in high regard. $75 each way for up to four people without any other passengers in the car meaning no additional stops. Two additional passengers $10 each.
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Just booked a trip with, $85 each way from the airport, extra $10 to stop and get discount lift tickets. Really friendly over the phone.



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