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January - Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month

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As many of you already know, January is Learn to Ski & Snowboard month--and there's something to be had for both first timers and experienced skiers and snowboarders. Last season, I took part in this program (which involved skiing with never-ever friends) and was named Ambassador of the Year (more on that below).


For First-Time Skiers


Across the US, there are numerous deals to be had for people interested in hitting the slopes for the first time. Many resorts offer both rental & lesson deals through January, so don't miss out on the chance to save a little money while expanding your on-slope posse. :cool


For Experienced Skiers


If you already know how to ski--you may get just as much out of the program. Bring your friends and share a photo of them on the slopes (use the tag #firstdayfaces) to get in the running for weekly prizes (awarded until Feb. 24th). Check out the FirstDayFaces page for more info.


You can also enter the Bring a Friend challenge to win even more prizes. Bring your friends, help them sign up for lessons, and enter the Bring a Friend challenge (which runs until Feb. 28th).


My Own Experience


I got a late start last year when I decided to introduce my eight-year-old daughter to skiing in mid-January. It had been over 10 years since I had skied. While doing some research before that first trip, I found the Learn to Ski & Snowboard website and decided to enter the Bring a Friend challenge.


After that first day on the slopes, my daughter was hooked, and the fire was re-lit for me. Oh, and I also won the weekly contest and a really cool Armada jacket.


At that point, I couldn't stop talking about skiing--and the invitations followed. I'm going skiing anyway, might as well take some friends! I became a Snow Sports Ambassador, and I was lucky enough to be named Ambassador of the Year at the end of the season. Last season's prizes included a pair of Head Skis & Tyrolia bindings, a North Face jacket, Falke ski socks, a seasons pass to my "local" resort (Paoli Peaks)--and a trip to Utah!


The family heads to Utah this week to stay in Park City, so I'll do my best to take some photos to share here. My five-year-old son should make a great FirstDayFaces photo!


Needless to say, I highly recommend taking part!

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Thanks for sharing your experience.  What region do you ski in locally?  I'll be taking friends to Massanutten in January.  The parents and children are having fun learning at the same time.  While the parents are happy to have the kids in ski school, always takes a while to persuade them that lessons will make their experience much more fun as well.

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Very cool! We invited some of our friends with children last year, and the children took to skiing much quicker than the adults, not surprising I guess. Some of those adults want to go back this year so I hope they'll enjoy sharing the experience like you described.


We're lower-midwest, and our choices are either Paoli Peaks (in Southern Indiana) or Hidden Valley (near St. Louis). They both get a very large percentage of first-timers, and their snow-sports schools do a fine job getting them started.


Our son will be in an all-day lesson at PCMR this week. We'll miss the chance to ski with him much that day, but it'll be worth getting him started on the right foot so we can spend many days on the hill with him after that.


Be sure to enter the contest!

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I want to get my grand kids to go skiing for the first time. They live 1 1/2 hour south of me so I have not taken them yet.
We took on my nephew when he was 13 as his mother had died and his father was unable to raise him. The first year he skied 50 times, by the end of the year he was skiing at an upper level.
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Here's the first photo from our trip to Park City (more to come later). This one is at the top of Ninety-Nine 90 at Canyons Resort.



My sister was kind enough to join me on the slopes one day while my wife and kids went tubing. The descent was steep and icy!

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More photos from the great Utah trip, these from the FIS Freestyle World Cup.


Ladies Aerials - Not sure who this is, tough to get a good shot.


Joe Discoe (I'm reasonably sure) competing against Taisei Watanabe (who I think crashed out of picture).


Matt Graham (left) and Mikael Kingsbury (right) competing in the Big Final. Kingsbury took first.


Mikael Kingsbury awaiting the awards ceremony.


This was a great week to visit Utah! We missed the fresh snow for the most part, but the sunshine and World Cup events helped add to a great experience.

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Here's a short video about the Ski Utah trip that I won:



The Learn to Ski and Snowboard contests are officially over for the season, but please keep them in mind for next season (and let us know when you win some gear).

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Somebody won a Ski Utah trip today! The winner of the FirstDayFaces photo contest was just announced:


Here's the Press Release

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