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Binding lift material?

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After alignment work done I have my 4mm plastic lifters under the toe and heel pieces on one ski of both pairs of skis I own, to assist in compensating for my leg length discrepancy.


I'm getting a new pair of used SL skis and want to raise those bindings.


Do you know where I can buy the plastic?  Do I need to buy special materials for ski bindings or would some other material that I could buy at a building supply place like Grainger work?


Also I may need new longer screws.  How do I approach this?


Any advice would be appreciated. 

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What ski & binding combination are you using?

Side question: how did you reach the 4 mm level? You could add lifters to your boots.

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Thanks for the questions Brian.


I do also have 3mm plates on the toe and heel pieces of my left boot.

That's the most that could be done and still have the boot/binding interface be safe after routing.


In addition the heel lift in the left boot is 5mm higher than the right heel lift.  

How I reached that amount was mostly through fitting with Nick Blaylock at Mount Snow.


I actually don't have the skis yet, but they are approximately 5 year old Fischer Hole SL skis.  I don't believe the bindings are on a plate, but they may be in which case am I SOL?


More info on the skis tomorrow night after I pick them up, just trying to get a head start on finding the plastic material.  


The other skis I have are Blizzard Magnum 8.0's and Rossi Soul 7's.  

Both have Griffon Marker bindings. 

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Just about every binding has lift kits available - any shop in biz for a while likely has piles + the screws to accommodate. Above are a few Rossi & Tyrolia stock. I've also seen techs drill thru a contemporary kit for a vintage binding. Most come in 1-8 mm variants.

Unless your wrench on bindings regularly have a shop to em- plate / no plate is not an issue.

Here's a trench digger set up on my wife's SLs ~ 15 mm of lifters;

That older Fischer plate was undrilled & accepts nearly everything except a FKS due to the shorter mounting foot print.
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The hole ski in sl and gs should have a plate, or it once did.  I can't see anyone taking it off, but you never know.


I just did a setup exactly like yours, I had a fischer lifter kit with 2mm shims, and doubled them up.  You should just order a set with screws, it will make life easier.  You'll need a posi-drive and a good corded drill to sink em flush into that plate, those plates are dense.

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Anyone know if you can get a lift kit for Tyrolia Attack 13 Demo bindings?

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Dunno - but if not then I've used polyethylene sheets like this from McMaster Carr: - for lifters where no kit was available or I was too cheap to buy it.  This is like a plastic cutting board material but available in shapes and sizes that work for lifters. 

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Thanks.  Of course there's always the issue of the slightly longer screws that are needed.  That's the nice thing about a kit, it comes with the screws.

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