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Hi Bonny,

...So very sorry to hear that everything isn't exactly as you had wished.

Best Wishes for this weekend and the future!!

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Bonni can you get Relpax? It works wonders for my migraines. Of course, I assume you are on other meds, so you can't take it willy nilly, but if your doc can hook you up with a sample and says it's OK...
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Sorry to hear you are not feeling well on the eve of your wedding. I pray you have a miraculous recovery.

Sending warmest wishes your way.
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damn. I have had a headache all day, maybe it's a sympathy headache? Do you get these often...can it be a tension headache? I get these with all the symptoms of a migraine, and they usually go for 3 days. Awful things.
Do you have anything to take for it?

It was a real headache day today, hot and threatening a thunderstorm all arvo. The rain started later than forcast, which was good. The snow is suffering...the stuff that fell never got a chance to consolidate. Still plenty around, but there are some thin spots appearing.
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Bonni - where in your head is the headache & what does it feel like?

Any other symptoms?

Have you had them before?
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I know this is late but I will be thinking of overone at Bonni and Jeff's wedding.

Have lots of fun!
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Ohh I just read the second half... Bonnie I hope you feel better soon.
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Today is the day and in less then an hour it will be official. Bonni, I do hope that this day found you feeling better. I'm sure Jeff will massage your temples and give you the TLC you need tonight.

Congratulations Jeff and Bonni!
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Congratulations Bonni, I hope you are feeling better this AM. By now the deed is done and I hope all went well and you are all enjoying a great time on the slopes. Wish I could have been there.
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It's official! Pictures will be added sometime in the near future.
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We wish to send our warmest wishes. We thought a toast to the newlywed couple with an appropriate frosty beverage might be in order!

CHEERS! Here's to a long and fabulous marriage to two wackos who met on the internet . More power to ya!

[img] c:\acs\dcwright\pictures\misc2004\dsc02321.jpg [/img]

Well, hmmph, we had a nice picture of us toasting to the happy couple, but I have no idea how to post it. When I figure it out, I'll post it. Anyhoo, congratulations!!!!!!!!

Liz and Darin
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All the best to Bonni and Jeff! I hope that Bonni felt better today.

Desirée and Peter
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This is from the Lounge....
I'm alive, and felt somewhat decent on Saturday, but I always feel better when on skis! I'll post later when I have time...THANKS EVERYONE! It was a wonderful wedding, and I'm very happy to be Mrs. Jeff Barcus! [img]smile.gif[/img]

posted 05 March, 2004 04:10 PM

posted by jd: FOUR EYES!

Bifocals= SIX EYES!

You're lucky. I've had a headache since I got back from Utah. I thought it was this or that. Then last week, I noticed one of my pupils was really dilated and the other one was small. This was at 5 am.

It stayed that way. It's STILL that way.

I went to the optometrist, who sent me to an opthamologist, who is referring me to a neurologist. There is no movement of the iris when ligh is shined on the pupil. Fixed and dilated. I see just fine out of it.......for now.

I have an appointment for March 30th. My insurance won't kick in till then. The opthamologist and the neurologist have had a discussion about this, and an MRI is in order. Neither of them seem concerned that I am waiting almost a month to do this. That's the good news.

The not so good news is that it could be an MS thang, or something pressing on the optic nerve, which is not so good. Meanwhile, headaches continue.

Embrace your bifocals. You can still see. I'm getting an eyepatch and a parrot.
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Congrate Jeff and Bonni.

May all your ski day's be filled with turns and powder and all your days be filled with happiness and love.
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Mr and Mrs.... WOW!!!!

Glad the ceremony and skiing went smoothly. I'll contact you soon about taking you newly weds to dinner on Friday. I'll be passing through on April 2nd.

Til then, keep those edges sharp...
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