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Evil accessory

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One of my gadget-freak friends bought a device this year that my friends and I agree is truly evil - a small GPS. This accurately measures your top and average speeds anywhere on the planet and seems very accurate. We are intermediate to advanced skiiers and boarders and were curious just how fast we actually went on those seemingly flat out runs. The answer - put the GPS in your pocket and let rip down the groomers. Rather than being just a measuring device though, it was more like a tool for demonic possession that drove us to take more and more risks just to record a high speed (on uncrowded slopes only - we're not that stupid).

This device is tough too. It came out unscathed from one of my stacks at 74kmh on pure ice on Ruined Castle at Falls Creek, Australia. This was one of my first runs of the day and I thought I would just straight-line the last 2/3 of the hill because it was my turn with the GPS. My SX11s are usually rock solid up to 90kmh (my speed limit, not the skis) when I start wondering if I'm going to crash trying to stop, but one of them caught a line in the ice and I ended up doing double elvis legs with my arms flailing before ditching it on my butt. One of my boarder mates crashed from laughing too much and couldn't speak for 5 minutes.

I don't know whether to recommend a GPS for skiing or not. It's great fun to try and beat your friends' top speeds but you can end up a bit possessed and push the limits too much. This year, unless I can arrange an exorcism, I'm getting a helmet and going for 100kmh, which may not be smartest thing to do.


Closh (in snowless summer Oz)
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Unless it also measures altitude I doubt it is that accurate.

I got a Suunto S6 as a gift and it is very accurate for vert and speed.
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Scalce, all GPS units do solutions for both earth-plan location and altitude. The real question is: how long does acquisition take, and how many satellites are above the horizon on a ski mountain?
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The GPS we used does measure altitude and had to be calibrated before use (easy when living near the beach). You did get me thinking though, if it only measured speed by horizontal distance/time a good run on the steeps wouldn't give a very accurate measure. Anyway, it seemed fairly accurate and measured speeds and distance even when only moving about 5-10 metres. No problem getting a fix on 4 or 5 satellites in Australia.

It served as a good learning tool - I learned that it is possible to straight-line chopped up, bumpy blue runs at 65kmh and confirmed that boarders can't keep up with skiiers .


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THE SPORTVUE helmet-mount HUD is the one you really need.

It looks like you Ozzy skiers might get the full benefit of the "spring" rollout. Any Seattle-area folk seen this one yet?

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