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Quiver Completion thread > 100 underfoot

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ive been browing the threads alot over the last few weeks.


i currently own:


RX12  176 70mm for bulletproof days when no snowmaking or new snow.

MX83 173 83mm my day to day ski out east, good up to about 4-6"

FX94  176 94mm for heavier now days out east and no new snow days out west.



i primarily ski resort at killington/gore and im looking to complement what i have for my out west trips and when the east coast has heavy  snow(hey it could happen). im 5'9" and 225lbs and advanced (and wants to get better) skier who likes to go fast but not bomber fast, ie i max out at 40-50mph. im not super in the tight hard bumps but like soft bumps and tree skiing as long as the pitch is not super extreme and tight. i rented Soul7s and Devastators last year and was looking for something with a little more float and the soul 7s werent super great in chop/crud. The Devastators seemed heavy and didnt offer much float in the deeper stuff. my ideal ski would have the following:



quick turning for tighter areas

stable at speed in tracked out conditions


i'll realize that these are sort of exclusive of each other but would hope something would come close


after some time ive narrowed my choices to the following in order of likelyhood unless someone has any other insight.


DPS Wailer 112 RP2 Hybrid 184 112

Moment Blister Pro 184  118

Blizzard Gunsmoke 186 114

Rossignol Super 7 188 116


ive heard good things about the RP2 being a bit more stiff and and they lowered the rocker a bit.


the moment blister seems to be popular at blistergear but they seem to be a little bit more skewed towards an more aggressive skier.


super 7 seemed good as i liked the soul 7s a lot just wanted more float and a little more dampness.


realskiers liked the gunsmokes but not sure overall .


Any comments on the selection or additionals skis i should be looking at? 


im having analysis paralysis. :)

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You have a really good list going, I'd add the Nordica Patron to it, it is an amazing east coast tree ski. If you want to get a bit more obscure, the Faction Chapter is the best (well, my favorite) ski in this range I've ever skied.



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Also like the idea of the Patron, hits all your criteria although it's a touch narrow for floating a guy your size. Not so sure about the 112RP if stability in tracked out areas is one of your criteria, and again, it's a bit narrow. Super 7 is good, as long as you realize it'll be like a bit more planted Soul 7, same pros and cons. You might also think about Praxis Ullr, Volkl Two, Atomic Automatic 117.

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I can't say enough good things about the ON3P Billy Goat! This thing is a beast and will eat anything it sees in front of it!

It's quite burly and the 176 requires some work of my 5'5" / 150 frame!

but it's worth every bit of extra work, it really comes alive in some 10"+ and tracked deep powder!

Despite the long 27m radius I haven't had any issues skiing trees or tight chutes

Jeffrey 114 if you want a more playfull, not so demanding ski, but I don't think you would have any issues with either 186 or 191 billy goat at 225lbs
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thanks everyone for their input


im going to demo the DPS 112 RP2 Hybrid on friday at killington for worse case performance scenario. i might also try the Factoin 3.zero as the demo guy also reccommended it



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I own the the Soul 7 and have spent a fair amount of time on the DPS. I found both to be wonderful skis in perfect conditions (powder/spring corn - see my review -http://www.epicski.com/t/120313/2014-rossignol-soul-7-the-spork-of-skis). But in cut up powder, the Soul's get pushed around, so much so that, in Utah last year, I spent more time on my Kastle FX84's. The Wailers are point and shoot skis in the woods, and brilliant in the trees. But you live in the east, as do I. And those conditions are not typical. I also found them to be dicey on hard-packed and moving at groomer speed.

Yesterday at Sugarloaf, I took my first turns on a pair of Praxis Concepts. Conditions were "variable" to say the least. One turn in 10" of dense cut up and the next on boiler-plate. Skis performed brilliantly - in no small part because they come for the builder with a killer tune. At 115mm under foot, they navigate crud significantly better than the Souls. I have no doubt that they will be excellent in deep conditions and in the trees. While I do not have a great deal of time on wide skis, these amaze me with their versatility, whereas I think the Souls and Wailers have a more limited skill set. Finally, you are a big guy. And those who like the Souls the least seem to be men your size. 

Check the review of the Praxis Concept at Exotic Skis, written by a fellow who lives and skis in Vt. They can be had for far less money than the Souls and Wailers, with carbon, top sheet and bottom graphic options. Most who own them testify to the quality of Praxis boards which are built in the US of A. And if you have a question, you can email the owner of the company who will email you back.

Happy trails and welcome to Epic.


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Thanks Deliberate ill check out the Praxis as well.


im hoping the updated DPS hybrid is a bit stiffer and less flappy as that seems to be the main concern.


i realize these skis wont be used out east much at all and im ok with that.


i have enough coverage with my other skis that i know what this pair's purpose is.




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Originally Posted by tomstoll View Post


im hoping the updated DPS hybrid is a bit stiffer and less flappy as that seems to be the main concern.




Tom, you are most welcome.

I should have mentioned that I was on a pair of the carbon Wailers. My reading suggests that the hybrid are more damp. Have you read about Wailer RPC(?) variation. Might be worth investigating.

Let us know what you end up with.

Happy trails.


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