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Ski Touring Gear Help

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Looking for some advice to help parse through all the info I've pulled together researching ski touring/backcountry/mountaineering setups. 

-Advanced Skier (East Coast)
-6-1, 190lbs
-Minimal background in touring/mountaineering (summited Rainier)
-Have a downhill/carving setup already (Volkl RTM81 and Tecnica Boots)

What I'm looking for:
A good set of backcountry touring skis that will be fun in powder(~100 waist) and reasonable for getting serious about touring. Mostly for West Coast- CO, UT, WY, Whistler. 

Caveat: I recently came across a set of Dynafit Vulcans which is making me lean in that direction for bindings...

Current Interests:

-Volkl Katana V-Werks
Seems ideal for the type of skiing I want. Lock in to marker bindings sucks (wary of risking the mounting given I'm not a featherweight). Kingpins appear totally unavailable near me and are unproven (albeit interesting and I'd probably take the bet if I could find them...hint hint). 
-Black Diamond Carbon Convert
-DPS Wailer

Bindings (This is where I'm a bit more lost)
-Dynafit Radical
-Dynafit Beast
-Marker Frame Bindings

-Thoughts on the skis? Any I'm missing?
-Bindings- What would you recommend for a person with my interests? I'm leaning towards tech bindings (for the uphill benefits/cause I have the boots/to try them) but I'm wary given I'm a bigger guy and hear very mixed reviews about the release/safety/etc. I'm not hucking cliffs and am generally a smooth skier but still...
-Dynafit Vulcans on frame bindings...normal or dumb?
-Any other advice? Finding it to be generally information overload learning about all this stuff. 


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you are not stuck with marker if you pick the vwerks, do some search on wildsnow there is some info there
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Originally Posted by mfa81 View Post

you are not stuck with marker if you pick the vwerks, do some search on wildsnow there is some info there

I found one bit of info on the BMT mounting pattern...basically says the radical can work for smaller to average size skiers...I'm not seeing clarity that they work for 190lbs skiers...if possible PM me a link to point me in the right direction. 

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That's it but the comment was about a not so wide dynafit radical toe pattern, the beast has a wider pattern that according to Lou fall into the H reinforced binding mount location!

as long as you mount inside the H you should be fine, there is nothing special about marker other than the reinforced area that's a match to marker hole pattern
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