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EpicSki Store Launches !

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The store is now open! This is a great way to help support the site -- unlike previous EpicSki logo merchandise, EpicSki earns a percentage of all sales of these items.

==> The EpicSki Store (click here)

Products inlcude: t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, a cap, a mouse pad, stickers, and bags.

I just received my test orders -- the edges of the printing are very sharp, and the colors are accurate. I was quite pleased with the quality. Everything was printed perfectly and the apparel fit just as expected. The only surprise was the lightweight nature of the cap, which will be great for backpacking.

General Info
Orders can be processed and shipped to most international locations.

Cafe Press (who produces and processes the orders) stands behind all orders with their 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

They use a dye sublimation printing process for mugs and mouse pads and digital transfers for all apparel. These processes are similar in quality to screen printing, with no image cracking, peeling or fading.
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Samples & Design Details:

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Great AC!! I just ordered my long sleeve T.
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Just ordered some. Is there any way the helmet stickers could have a shape more friendly to sticking on spheres?

A pincushion shape would be easiest, but the blue-oval shape would work well too.
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comprex -- the sticker shape is limited to what Cafe Press offers (which means rectangular), but the design was created with the idea of our being able to cut them into the size/shape we want (in this case, for helmets). As for placing two-dimensional objects on spheres, I'm afraid that would always be a slightly less-than-perfect exercise, no?

The idea of the strip of logos is to cut them into separate logos, each small enough to fit on a helmet.
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Originally posted by AC:
{snip} As for placing two-dimensional objects on spheres, I'm afraid that would always be a slightly less-than-perfect exercise, no?
Rightcher are, AC. I imagine I was hoping for scribing of the sticker (not backing) in the form of a price tag, but at that price, we'll make do and be happy. Here's hoping it gets you better hosting service!
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I see there is only one the one t-shirt that we can get in Kid size... Too bad, I would have bought some long sleeve shirts and sweatshirt w/hood for my daughter. She is out growing everything and is better about wearing white.
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I have just ordered some helmet stickers and mugs. Thanks, AC!

Expect business to pick up at Christmastime...
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My long sleeve T shirt was in the mail waiting for me when I returned from Vail. It's a nice shirt and appears to be of good quality as well. If this any indication, I think everyone will be happy with their EpicSki products. Thanks again.
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The messenger bag is big enough to hold a pair of 27.0* ski boots! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

* Atomic 11:50s. Your results may vary.
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Received my mugs and helmet stickers! The helmet stickers ROCK, and the mugs are VERY high quality....smooooooth, with exceptional graphic clarity.

Thanks, AC! Now, about that "whole ski Epicski decal I mentioned in the Ski Graphic thread....I'll take two sets of those!
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Whatever happened to being able to purchase Bear Stickers and LS Tshirts?

Are they available?

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 The EpicSki Store is no longer......
But you can still get stickers.......see here.....
Stickers! We got stickers!
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Nice bump on a five year old thread Tricia! 

Why create a new thread when an old one will do just fine?
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Recycling threads is eco-friendly. 

I need new stickers   :)
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Originally Posted by AC View Post

Recycling threads is eco-friendly. 

I need new stickers   :)

If you ask nice, I bet we can find some for you. 
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