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Let's Talk Winter Park

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Considering WP in February from the 8th - 13th. Flights out of Dallas to Denver are so cheap right now, it's hard to pass up.

I'm looking for some insight on WP. Looking at Fasier Crossing / Founders Pointe. I'm an all mountain boarder, from tress to double blacks to rolling groomers. Most of my mountain experience has come from skiing Taos.

Last year some friends and I visited Park City. I enjoyed it, but it felt like we were down the mountain quick, and spent a lot of time on the lifts. The sheer size of WP is appealing to me, I just hope I won't find it dull or challenging.

Since I'd be staying directly across the street from the resort, I'd like to know how the village is after the day is done. I'll be traveling solo, and would like plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from if they are available right there in the village. I'd rather not go into town if I can help it, if I'm able to have all I'll need right there in the village.

Thanks for the help
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WP is a great mountain. There is plenty to challenge you there, especially if you like trees or are willing to hike a little.


But it is not known for its nightlife. The base area is a contrived Intrawest "village" put up on the old parking lots. Restaurants and bars exist at the base but not a lot of them. There is a free shuttle to and around town, so my guess is you will want to venture out. But, even then, if you are expecting a raucous scene, you may be disappointed. There are restaurants, bars and pizza joints and such, but the town and mountain are geared for families and for skiing, not so much for après ski.


You should check out the Winter Park page on the Resorts tab in this forum, scroll down to the reviews. It'll give you some idea of what to expect.


Snow coverage looks to be good this year, so you will probably have an opportunity to ski the Cirque and the Chutes, but even if those are closed, if you venture into the trees off Challenger or Iron Horse lifts or anywhere off the Eagle Wind lift, you will find plenty of terrain. The terrain parks go from mild to crazy-huge.

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Thanks for the helpful reply @Mom

I've decided to ditch on WP, and have picked Jackson Hole as my destination. Can't wait!
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