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2014/2015 Head SS Rally vs Head SS Magnum

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I'm looking for a concise comparison of 2014/2015 Head SS Rally vs Head SS Magnum performance characteristics. Who knows these two models and can do a comparison? Also considering the Kastle MX83. I already have Kastle FX94 in 166 and want a complement on the narrower side.

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Here's one of a couple of Rally reviews Phil did, he mentions the Magnum but doesn't do a point by point. http://www.epicski.com/t/123628/long-term-test-2014-head-supershape-rally My sense is that what he says is about right; midway between the Magnum and Titan.


OTOH, having owned and now again owning the FX94, I'd lean toward something narrower and grippier like the Magnum, RX12, or SC over the ones you mention. But I tend to go for divergence and specialization; I know that some here prefer more overlap, like a spectrum. 

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Can't contrast the RAlly to the Magnum, but got a pair of Magnums a few weeks ago and have about 5-6 days on them. I'm 6 ft 170 lbs and decided to get the 170's. Have a 176 TT 80 Head ski as well as 176 Head Peak.

Definitely feel the tighter turning radius . The ski is still pretty stable at speed and wider turns and has great grip. It will make nice turns at slow speeds as well. Maybe not that great in the bumps prefer the other two Head skis there.

I think specific to short radius turns it's hard to beat and is very good on hard slick surfaces which is pretty typical here in Pa. Where I ski.

I still took them west last month and had a ball on them. In a couple of inches of broken snow maybe they get kicked around some . If I had it to do over again I think I would opt for the 177 length. I think the ski skis a little short but maybe that is just me and the rest of my skis being longer.

I think the ski has a lot of power and pop and is fun to ski and should meet the criteria you listed, whether the Rally does that better I can't say.
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Thanks, friends! Keep 'em coming! 

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Beyond, your link doesn't work,

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I remember years back when Lars just skied the Rossi B2 and told you how much fun it was! With "wet pants" he exclaimed in his report to you!

Choosing a new ski and all the anticipation and excitement is a fun part of this sport.
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Try: http://www.epicski.com/t/123628/long-term-test-2014-head-supershape-rally The other one would work also if you ignored the "My" that begins the next sentence and got married to the link.  



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Beyond, your link doesn't work,

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I do remember those early exchanges with Lars - even talked with him on the phone once, but I never met him. I don't remember that particular exchange, and I've forgotten at least some of the many and various skis that I hoped might be the magic elixir to skiing better. I was right, and I was wrong. When you dig into the sport of skiing at the age of 50, and doing it without instruction, and doing it before the advent of "shaped skis", its' a challenge. It WAS a challenge.

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OK, Beyond, I'd read that earlier. But I'm really looking for a direct comparison on each characteristic. If I didn't live in beautiful, warm, and entirely snowless Florida - in other words, if I were back in God's Country [known in the other world as "Vermont"] - I'd just go out and demo these skis. And when I manage to get back there this season, I will. Meanwhile, I need my fix, so I'm still hoping to read such a comparison by those in the know.

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Similar feel: powerful but not stiff and burly.  Magnum has a tight 13-meter turn radius and the more you give it, the more you get back.  Feels like a thoroughbred that loves to run.  Narrower waist than the Rally, but can handle crud just fine.  Would be a great part of a two-ski quiver if you have a wider, soft-snow oriented ski as well.  The Rally has a bit wider waist and correspondingly longer turn radius.  Very good on groomers as well, a bit more versatile, better as a one-ski quiver.  Both excellent skis.

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Since I already have the Kastle FX94, it looks like the Magnum would be the better choice.

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Update. Have excluded the Magnum and focusing on: Rally in 163, Stockli Laser AX in 167, Kastle FX85 HP in 165. Any comments comparing these will be appreciated.l 

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I rented the i.Rally in Austria last year for a week.  It was the most fun I've had on skis in snow less than ankle deep.  Picture this.  Skis I'd never been on before.  Boots I'd been in for 2 days (Dodge, great!).  Mountain I'd never been on.  Continent I'd never skied in.  Whipping wind, top of the mountain was closed, lower runs white-out & jammed with skiers.  We went out anyway, and I was completely confident on the i.Rallys.  Had fun, skied well.  For the first time I made a clean-carve 180° arc in the snow.  (Tip--when you can't tell the snow from the sky, follow the skis of someone ahead of you; if they disappear, don't ski there.)


Last Spring we were at Whistler on a demo day.  My buddy took out both Magnums and Rallys.  The Magnums were OK.  When asked about the Rallys, he said, "These are FUN!"  We both bought i.Rallys at the end of the year.


I'm 180#, 6', good skier, and the 170 cm i.Rally is just right for me.

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Let me add a new wrinkle -


I will demo the Stockli Laser AX in 167 and the head iSupershape Rally in 163.  The skis I eventually select will be used for teaching Levels 5-7 and for use as a versatile harder snow ski to compliment the Kastle FX94 in 166 that I already have. I'm confused. In one of the various threads here about the AX, some people say it's easy, some say it's not easy, one or two said that the Rally is what the AX should have been. When people have negative reactions - about from obvious individual preferences - what are they missing about the AX?  What in particular should I be looking for, sensitive to, when I demo each of these skis?  The Rally being 163 and the AX being 167, there may be a difference of experience caused by length variation. What do you all think? Help me out, please.

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