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Is there some status associated with a low membership number? I notice that people are informing us of their low membership numbers, that information having been lost in the change to new server and software, but for the life of me, I cannot distinguish how having had a low number means anything in particular about the individual.

Please clue me in: what does a low member number signify in the Epic World?
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To me, nothing really, just coquettish (also, I had two users,but I liked the oldes-the one with the lowest # better-and when I was deciding which one to keep, I choose the first).
But then, that number may be the only univocal info about who people were BC
(Before the Crash) ...
I've reverted to the old "screename" just for fun, since my user has been unaffected by the crash. With this one a number of silly jokes can be played...Not to mention Homer, and a couple of spaghetti wester where the name of the good guy was "Nobody" (actually was a movie with Henry Fonda and Terence Hill)...
Don't worry, I'll convert to the usual name in a while.

OTOH, it may mean that it's a proof of the fidelity of some, the lowest the number, the longer we've been here...
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Don't why this may cause heartburn, nolo, but my 45 means I got here just after Pierre (44) and that we've been here a long time. I like it because it reminds me of the water that's gone under the bridge, my frustrations with myself as a skier, and the moral support from Pierre and Lars that I haven't forgotten.

Now, let me shoot the question back: Is there some problem you have with people liking to post their old member numbers, whatever their reason may be?
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To each his own. I can see why the early members have an attachment to their status of longevity received through their member numbers. On the otherhand, I can see how those of us who wandered in alot later could care less. If it's important to you, post it. If not, forget it. No harm, no foul IMO.
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No, actually it's just curiosity, Oboe. I realize it may be an impertinent question, but I have never let that stop me from asking.

In the formative years of PSIA, it was a distinction to have a low member number as well--these days, the lower the number, the more likely you have passed away, so it's not such a big deal. Now we get pins, 20 year member, 30 year member, and now 40 year member. I remember when my husband, who is ahead of me by several years in PSIA membership, got his 20 year pin. He was wearing it on his ski school jacket when a rookie said admiringly, "Wow, you've been certified longer than I've been alive!"

The kid's comment made him feel like a dinosaur, so my husband took the pin off his jacket and replaced it with his old gold shield.
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i thought we of the earlier bear generation, keepers of the secret handshakes and codes, had agreed (in a sinister kind of way, of course) to not even answer posts posted by posters with member numbers over ________. remember? there was a secret meeting about this. we all voted. it was unanimous.
and there was a consensus as well to never mention online anything that would bring this to the attention of lesser, ER, LATER bears, was there not? you CAN'T have forgotten that drunken night, with cauldrons bubbling, etc.

what happened to our blood oath of elitism and insularity?

just curious, of course.
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Did it get lonely in the dungeon, O Master Cattracksplat? [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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The low member numbers are attached to the Barking Beavers crowd. The very early board was a slightly different mix.
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Do tell us more about the golden days of EpicSki so that we too can understand and appreciate (and practice!) the traditions of our ancestors.
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I'm BAAAAACK!! Thanks to AllenAyers and AC. Ol' Number 45, nolo.

The tradition was that we fought and squabbled ferociously, made up and got to be best of friends. We really, really loved to read the Ott Chronicles about sweet Sigi.

The tradition was that we swapped a lot of info, a lot of thoughts and ideas . . . and you and others have been carrying on those traditions for a long time now.

I like to remember the beginnings because that's what they were - beginnings. From the seed kernel to the grown tree, this place over time has grown, acquiring you, Bob Barnes, Ott, etc and etc. I feel like an uncle to AC's brainchild who's seen the kid grow up, and while not entitled to the pride of parent AC, this uncle pops a few buttons because of my nephew.

That about sums up one of the reasons I like to wear my number on my lapel.
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No matter what your number, no matter what your name, Epicski remains the best internet source for ski information and a good place to get away from the rest of the world's problems! Whether you have been around a short while or you're a long-time prodigous poster, Epicski will always give you something to make your days better. This crew remains some of the best world friends that you don't even see. Now, if we can get fox to take a break from for a bit, maybe we can get him to enlighten us about placing stone statues in circle, lighting fires, burning incense or some noxius celtic weeds; therefore getting great snow forecasts for the coming year. Isn't this a part of old barking bears folklore or have I seen too much tv?
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I'm proud of my member number 366. It means I've been taking abuse on this site for 5 ski seasons now. Oboe's been taking abuse even longer.

Seriously, this board's success has a lot to do with AC & DCHAN's watchful stewardship but it also is because of tone & atmosphere established largely through trial and error by the original beavers and bears. I didn't contribute anything near what members like Pierre, Lars and countless others did but I do get some pride out of having been around through much of the learning process.
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Some of my friends greet me by just holding up one finger?

I know they are acknowledging my true status in thier trivial affairs.

If don't know who I am, at least I can remember my number!


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Real simple. When I am scanning a post one of the things I look at is the number (apart from the usual cast of recognized characters). Depending on the content or questionable content of the post and you can get a sense of who that person is (along with the profile).

Good way of vetting out the trolls if the content seems a bit odd. When there is little or no info in the profile and you click on the past posts, you get a feel for who that person is. When you don't recognize the name.

Usually if a person has a low number and has been a contributing member you get a bit of comfort in the level of advice they have offered over time. I owe a great deal to many of those early members .... can't name em' all but Pierre-eh, Lars and the like for technical stuff, Oboe, for his updates on the Vermont conditions .... the list is long.

I have tried to give back what I could and through this "maturation" process and the debates, rants and shared info I'm sure the learning curve has been shortened for many.

I think that the low number has been an indicator of your duration and standing in the community.

My vote would be to bring back the ...

"Big Mountain Member"
"Supreme Mountain Member" ... how many times did some of try to squeek out that last question to up your status?
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I don't post as often as I should but I've been around a while. I too miss the Ott Chronicles about sweet Sigi.
This is a great group of folks regardless of member #
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I want my old number back TOO. :

Prior to having to register, the forum was called the Barking Beavers. If I recall someone complained about the name to AC when their boss looked over their shoulders and assumed that the Barking Beavers had negative sexual overtones as the forum subject. The name was forever changed and registration became the first right we lost. In protest, I waited about two days before registering. Wink was the first sucka to make the plunge. AC grabed a few more numbers for administrative purposes and I registered a few hours before Oboe. Lars was a hold out for another week or so. Arcmiester soon followed.

The last of the protest holdouts was Cheap Seats who finally registered at something like 1100.

It was all one forum then and the archives for the first two years were lost.

The original group became solidified with the first anual Gathering of de Bears at Squally wood.
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Originally posted by Pierre:
I want my old number back TOO. :

Just gotta ask [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Send me a pm with your login name, member number, and a link to a post you made with your old profile [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hey, so what's this about new member numbers? If I have to have a new member number, can I have a new name, too? This is, like, a new beginning.

Well, it wasn't. I'm still member 1130. I was sorta hopin' for #6000, all sorts of prizes, and good stuff. Guess not.

Okay, so I've gotta live with who I am. Generally, I've thought of myself as sno-more, a pun in fact, more than 1130. But it will be okay.
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looks like pierre is going to get his old number back [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Ohhh so there was a computer problem... and I missed all the fun.
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Special thanks to Allen Ayres for fixing my stats. :

He's way cool.
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Nah Pierre has been temporarily wiped out.
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