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Easy Riding Junior Powder Ski

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I don't really know what I'm looking at when it comes to skis and rely on gear reviews for feedback.   When it comes to Jr skis it seems there aren't many reviews ther than manufacturer claims.   My wife is very petite, 5 feet, 90lbs.  She is currently riding 136 Fischer Prodigy twin tips.   We picked these ones for her since she wanted something easy to ride with our kids.   Well the kids are getting pretty good on their snowboards now and it's time to start looking at a 2nd pair of skis for her for deep snow.   All of the ones we are looking at have good floatation but what I was hoping to find out is which ones would be easiest for a solid intermediate skier to look good on all around?


Looking at:


Sir Francis Bacon Shorty 145

Bent Chetler Mini 143

Rocker2 Junior 140

K2 Shreditor 100 Jr 139


i was thinking the 143-145 would be the ideal length but feel free to set me straight if you folks think that is too short.   Our conditions where these would be used would be choppy powder to deep fluffy powder, the odd groomer as well.

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The Blizzard Cochise Jr./Nordica Capo S looks pretty good sized from 140-160cm.

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A short Armada TST W would rock, and look for a Volkl Shiro Jr.... It's a pretty burly kids ski.
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Thanks guys I'll add those ones to the list.   Would those be easier to ride than the ones I listed shape wise?  


After having the Cochise suggested to me here I bought some Head KOD's that I read skied the same.   Nice and stiff for busting through crud with big smeary turns. 

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Well I've been doing some reading on ski shape etc and was thinking about getting a rocker camber rocker ski like the Rocker2 Jr or Bad Apple but found some glowing reviews on the previously suggested full rocker Shiro Jr.   The review I read made it sound like a good powder ski but easy/good ski in most conditions except ice.   That doesn't really fit what I read about other rockered skis. (Again I know very little about skis)


So, would a Shiro Jr at 153cm be an easy ski to handle for a 4'11 90lb intermediate?   Ski would be used mainly on Powder King in BC as a second ski to her Prodigy.   The key thing I am hoping for is easy handling.

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Ordered the Shiro Jr at 153cm, thanks for suggesting it markojp.   Thanks to Volklgirl on theskidiva for the review.

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