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switching back to alpine after telemarking for 13 years...

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Hey all,


I'm new to this forum and hoping to tap into some of the members' expertise!  I'm going back to alpine gear after pretty much only teleing for the last 13 or so years.  I'm not having as much fun skiing as I used to and I think switching things up will be fun and challenging again!  So my question is really about boots...does anyone have any good suggestions for decent boots to make the switch?  I'm thinking of going the AT route for boots, should be an easier transition as opposed to going right for the super stiff alpine/downhill boot.  I've skied the various incarnations of the Scarpa T1s for years, I'm an advanced/expert telemarker, and I think I'd like an AT boot that is mostly for front and side-country skiing.  I'll probably still tele in the backcountry but may do the AT thing also.  Anyway, any suggestions would be great!    


Oh, and I'm female with a relatively narrow foot and high arch.  Thanks!

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I was pretty much in the same boat as you.  Did lots of tele then went back to alpine a few years ago.  I was in T1's.  I went with Scarpa Maetrale RS.  Super light, lighter than my T1's by a lot.  Easy to walk with in the walk mode, flip the switch and go plenty stiff. I highly recommend. Best boots that I have ever worn.  I am really surprised more boot companies aren't going to lighter weight boots after having worn these.  I don't know why the major companies still keep making heavy boots.  Anyway, I like the Marker Baron or Dukes.  Mount up whatever you want for skis.  I've got a pair of Rossi Super 7S mounted right now.  Heavy skis but whatever.  Mostly use resort with the occasional side country/backcountry half day.  I ski mostly with my boys now so it works for me.  

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Well looks like we are almost in the same boat :)...


I tele'd for 7 years and a few years ago locked my heel down. I skied the Scarpa T race, which I loved. I have narrow feet with a low to mid instep. I have been trying on AT boots the last few days....I have settled for either the Scarpa Maestral RS or the Dynafit Mercury ...since I just found a used (less then 10days on it) Mercury, I believe that combined with a new Intuition Pro liner will be the ticket for me.





PS I still do miss tele from time to time, but Alpine has been pretty darn fun as well :)...

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My wife just went to her first alpine set up.  Went quite happily from the T-1 to the Scarpa Blink.  3 buckle, womens version of the Rush.  She hasn't made "The Switch", just opening possibilities.


I also do both.


My rec is to not go for an overly stiff boot. Mastraele RS, for example, is pretty stiff.  More important, T-Telemark boots like the T-1 are progressive, meaning the stiffness gradually ramps up as you flex the boot.  Some of the stiffer boots are not very progressive, meaning you kind of come to a hard stop when you flex the boot.  As a tele skier, you won't need the stiffness, and it may be off-putting at first.  Also, most of the boots you may like will probably have sockets and heels for Dynafit.  This is a good thing.  If you go for AT in the BC, you will appreciate a tech binding.


A boot well worth considering is the La Sportiva Spectre.  Nice smooth flex, and in my opinion, better walk mode than Scarpa Maestrale or Rush type boots.  I have hundreds of days in T-1s, and fit the Spectre.  Don't be put off by reviews claiming a low instep- This years model has a higher instep. 

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