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Mid-January advice for Utah - Page 3

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Originally Posted by MrTurnz View Post

Lots of interesting stuff in that forecast, I'm excited to see the update. Even if it ends up being 6" that would make for some nice turns Tuesday morning.

Unfortunately for me snow is my enemy at the moment, I was supposed to fly to SLC this morning but my flight was cancelled because of a snow storm. Now I'm trying to rearrange all my reservations. This is turning into a shit start to my trip

Ouch. I guess what really hurts is that the snow delay is on the outbound leg at the point of departure and not the destination where you'll be skiing. Hope you're wheels up soon and have a safe flight.

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Oh it would be so much easier to swallow if the snow was at my destination instead of my home.

Southwest can't get us out until tomorrow afternoon which we took, but the weather is supposed to be pretty rough tomorrow as well. I'm crossing my fingers and trying to stay positive.
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Forecast by WSF today is positive - trace to a couple inches tonight and a few inches perhaps up to a foot in the Cottonwoods on Monday. Not the best but not too shabby either.

Our first day on the snow is Mon and we plan to ski Alta, taking advantage of the Boarding Pass discount there. We'll play the next few days by ear at one or the other of the 4 Cottonwood areas thanks to SuperPass. If anyone wants to meet up, either on the slopes or for an adult beverage later on in the day, PM me and we'll work something out.
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My first day will also be Monday, but I'll be skiing on the Twilight ticket at Brighton and then Boarding Pass on Tuesday at AltaBird.  From there, Snowbasin...Solitude...maybe Deer Valley...also playing it by ear.

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This last week of warm temps have made coverage an issue at Snowbasin in many places.

This storm for Monday seems like it could go either way. They desperately need snow here!

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Looks like some moisture is working its way through this weekend into Monday!
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Yes, things are looking better. 4" overnight with a foot forecast. We'll see!

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Judging from Twitter and Instagram there was little need to worry. By all accounts (even the typically understated Alta) it is PUKING in North Utah. 

Those who are there now: Enjoy, and leave some for me!



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Originally Posted by GrumpyRestonian View Post

Judging from Twitter and Instagram there was little need to worry. By all accounts (even the typically understated Alta) it is PUKING in North Utah. 

Those who are there now: Enjoy, and leave some for me!



Watching the snowstake at work and dreaming of my trip in a few weeks haha glad to see they got some snow

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8 inches at 7000 in the first two hours, expected to go all night. From Park City.
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Every time it snows in Utah, my brother and I send each other screen shots of the snow stakes from the BCC and LCC resorts.  I think we have a problem.


12 days to go!

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Had something like 18" of new white stuff to play in at Alta today. Tomorrow should be even better. Truly outstanding.
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Alta reports 15" in 24 hours up to 4:30, 19" storm total, plus another 3-7" tonight. "Snow showers" will last through mid-day tomorrow; IME that means a high likelihood of free refills at elevation. roflmao.gif SOMEBODY damn well better give me an on-site Alta or Snowbird snow report tomorrow!
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I'll be at Snowbasin today :D  I've been sick so not sure how it will go, but how can I not get first chair this morning?! Got some boot canting done to my left boot and am excited to HOPEFULLY finally have some even turns so I'll suddenly become an amazing skier.


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From the Wasatch Snow Forecast last night:  "Remember, this was all from a storm that 6 days ago looked like it would bring us virtually nothing."




See Rule #1 in Post 58 above.   :D 

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Alta was unbelievable on Tuesday. 24" fresh and very uncrowded, freshies all day. Ran into Artemat on the lift, just by happenstance, and showed him and his friend around...We hit Catherine's at the rope drop and had to break trail to virgin powderfields. Backside opened when we were over there, but returning to Collins, found Ballroom and Shoulder untracked. After noon- that never, ever happens. It was the fog, that came in and out all day. But there's no real need to see well, just keep turning and avoid the trees. There was a weird combination of late opening, a Collins breakdown, and fog that kept everything fabulous late into the afternoon.


 Fellow Bear Artemat...

 Avi Dogs in training


Collins lift line at 2;00, leaving untracked lines on the table...


 My friend Emily & Me- The Elsa braids (from the movie Frozen, for those who don't have small children...) were a Christmas gift from my wife. Nice, eh?



 Driving home.


 Park City today, from my office, 17" & more on this side of the Wasatch, so things will be good for awhile.

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Originally Posted by Mr. Crab View Post

 My friend Emily & Me- The Elsa braids (from the movie Frozen, for those who don't have small children...) were a Christmas gift from my wife. Nice, eh?

I appreciate all your reports Mr. Crab, but I am not so sure about the braids. - SD

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After action report:

First ski day - Mon 12 Jan. It was snowing moderately for the morning drive to Alta where we would take advantage of the Boarding Pass option for lift tickets. The snow came down all day, often at a rate of several inches per hour. That made visibility a bit of issue but it was still a great day. Something like 20" on the ground by the time it was all over. The ride home down Little Cottonwood Canyon was probably the most challenging event of the day with close to half a dozen cars off the road, luckily all on the uphill side.

The morning of Day 2 was overcast with some fog and light snow, so we decided on Brighton over Snowbird due to the less than ideal visibility. The fog and flurries made things a bit difficult at times, but the snow was fabulous, as was the skiing. We started off with some fantastic glade runs off of the Great Western chair and finished the day with the sun now peeking out on the wide-open areas off of Milly Express.

This was the second time in two years I had a chance to ski Brighton and in my opinion, it's a gem of an area. With everything from glades to bowls in easily manageable sizes and a lack of crowds to boot, it's easy to see why this place is a local favorite.

Blue skies and bright sun for Day 3, so we headed to Snowbird. We had a bit of late start and did not get on our first chair until about 9:20. Our choice of lift and timing could not have been better however: We shared our ride up the Gadzoom chair with a local who told us that the areas off of the Road to Provo traverse had just been opened up - a gift considering this was two days after the main snowfall. From the Little Cloud chair we could see a line of skiers on the traverse, dropping off down into the bowl areas.

Despite the flow of skiers, there was still lots of untracked snow to be had when we arrived. I'm not a very good powder skier and have to work hard, but I had a blast in the knee-deep snow.

Things were fairly chopped up after a couple of runs, so we headed over to Mineral Basin. Despite not having much in the way of untracked snow, it was way fun to ski such a big area in superb weather and a special treat for me since the last time I was at Snowbird was so long ago there were no lifts in this part of the resort.

We then headed back to Peruvian Gulch for a few runs before finishing the day in the Gad Valley area. After a day like this, it's easy to see why there are so many Bird fans out there. I'll definitely be back - but after I get a bit more proficient in the deep and steep so I can take real advantage of what this terrific place has to offer.

For our last day, we rendezvoused at Solitude with some friends from back east. Since they knew the mountain well, we just let them lead us around - my only condition was that we not ski the same trail twice. We were able to do this pretty easily This was my first time at Solitude and I have to say it's another gem. I don't think I've ever been at an area that mixed groomed and ungroomed areas so well. For skiers like me - older and not particularly skilled - it was great to have a such a mix of terrain. With both blue and black runs that are partly groomed, I got to work on my loose snow technique for a bit, then easily bail out to nice groomed packed powder when I got tired. There were not a lot of skiers anywhere we skied, but in spite of the nearly ideal day (bright blue day with recently refreshed snow as you can see in the photo), traffic at Solitude was downright sparse, almost like skiing your own private resort.

I've heard that Solitude and Deer Valley are now owned by the same management company and they plan to interconnect the two areas by gondola in the near future. While this is intriguing, I hope that this doesn't mean DV prices will soon be coming to Solitude - I'd like to be able to afford to come back.

Conclusion: Four outstanding days of skiing.
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Nice report, I hope I get some of those conditions in february!
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@CharlieRN, looks like I was at Snowbird the same day as you were.  Here is my trip report of the week:

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@CharlieRN nice report!
For all the anxiety over weather we ended up having one of the best weeks I could have imagined.

My gf and I did powder mountain on Monday while it snowed all day. It is a gem of a resort. Zero crowds, super friendly staff, cheap lift tickets ($49 each the night before on liftopia), and really fun terrain.

Gf wrestling with little trees lol

I was determined to hit alta for the powder day and it was amazing.

High traverse

Catherine's area

Ballroom area

From the high traverse again at the end of the day
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We took Wednesday off and did Snow Basin on Thursday. There was an inversion layer in the valleys and blue skies in the mountains. The groomers were super fun long and steep. Off the trails there was still soft turns to be found in the bowls off strawberry gondola. It got a little crusty in spots but was still fun and I couldn't get enough of the views

Sunset in Eden valley to end the day
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I was at Snowbasin on Thursday (and Friday.) GORGEOUS bluebird day that started out like this:

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Beautiful, paging 4ster! 

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