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Paging Springhill Crazie

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Rob, I tried to reply but your box is full, that or the crash is still showing lingering effects.

Anyway, can't do Saturday, I am having a party for the Jr Ski regulars (instructors, not kids) and I'm bringing the beer, so I guess they might miss me if I skipped. :

Thanks for the invite though.
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Besides, looks like rain all day tomorrow
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Same with me, I couldn't get my reply to go through. I'm not going to make it though, I be at a basketball tournament in Richmond through Sunday.
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Couple inches of fresh fell last night, I'm staring at new stix in the living room and it's gonna rain tomorrow...yeah, I'm playing hookey today!
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Must be problems due to the crash. I haven't heard a weather report.I thought that I'd through an invite out there. So far here are no takers.
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Too far away to leave now and be there on time or I'd say sure
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