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My new Brahma's arrived 2 days early on Wednesday, so, rather than sit around and recuperate from partying all night, I decided to book a last minute bus trip to Mount Snow Vermont from New York City.


Trudging my gear from Queens to Manhattan at 4 in the morning, to make the bus, I slept only what I could during the ride up.


Arrived at the mountain around 9:30/10am, quickly had my bindings tested and set for a Type II skier, then went for a warm up. Being my first time at Mount Snow, I had no idea the layout, and just hopped on the first lift I could see with no line (Which was all the lifts except the Bluebird Express, which has a wind dome). The lift I chose went up to mid mountain, and I came back down some random blue square. The snow conditions were fine. Hard pack, with a smattering of manmade packed powder over it. The problem was that the slope felt crowded. So, when I got back to the base, I found a summit lift, and at the top, I chose to go down the North side, which is where Mount Snow has all it's Black Diamond trails. I spent the next hour, hitting all the open black diamonds, lapping between two different lifts on that side of the mountain. The guns were on on one of the trails, Olympic I think it was, which was bumped up with irregular moguls for the upper half.


Regardless of the type of trail I hit, the Brahmas held their own, and were very confidence inspiring. Plus, compared to some of the other mountains I have skied in Vermont, Mount Snow seemed very tame.


I met up with my buddy after I finished my laps over on the Northside, and we spent the rest of the afternoon trying to explore as much of the mountain as possible. He preferred avoiding icier trails, as he's a snowboarder.


Lunch was half a maple pulled pork burrito, half a chicken burrito, and baked cheddar Mac and Cheese over in the main lodge. The food was good, and average priced for a ski mountain. The dining area was packed though. Even though we were eating late, it was still nearly impossible t find a place to sit. I feel that Snow could definitely add more cafeteria space. For a mountain that is considerably larger than say, Hunter, it felt like the eateries were maybe half the size.


Services. I used the tuning shop. $35 to set my bindings and test them, and it took about 15 minutes. Seems reasonable enough to me.


Overall opinion of Mount Snow. A. The mountain was well maintained, with lots of large wide open pistes. A bit on the easy side, as even the bumped up mogul trail was not very steep. I felt like Whiteface and Sugarbush both have steeper blues than the blacks at Snow. However, I think this makes Snow a very beginner friendly mountain, and the friends who I am getting to learn how to ski may very much enjoy Snow, once they're ready to exit the learning zone. It can sort of give a beginner skier a big mountain (for the east coast) feel without the much higher challenge of some of the other ski areas (I'm looking at you Whiteface).