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Product:  Experience 120 - Sensor 2 

Shell Size Tested: 25.5

Width: 102 mm last

Flex rating: 120

Ski tested with: TechnoPro Pulse 12ti

Footbed: Sol

Modifications done to boot:  None



Environment of Conditions:

*Location of review:   Stevens Pass, WA

*Runs Taken:  30+

*Snow Conditions:  Groomers

*Demo or Own: Own




I'm not sure how much value a boot review has.   It either fits your foot or not and that is of little value to someone with a different foot.  I've been out of skiing for 25+ years and got the bug to buy new equipment and dive back in.  Needless to say, equipment has changed since I skied every season.   I spent the most time shopping boots simply because of their impact on comfort and performance.    I tried on somewhere around 12-15 boots (maybe more).    These fit me the best in the showroom but I was apprehensive about the purchase until I skied them.    I have to say they are 10 out of 10 for me.    Not a sore spot on my foot, ankle or shin and the flex is about perfect as is the stance.   They also kept my feet very toasty in weather in the single digits.    


The only negative on the boot for me is that they are ugly, they didn't pay for themselves and they are more difficult to remove than my bedroom slippers.   






*Fit is great for my semi-wide foot

*They are warm (might have something to do with fit)

*They were only $299 because they were a couple seasons old.




*They didn't pay for themselves

*Difficult to remove

*Ugly Boots - Think Green Lantern





Tester Info:

Age: 47

Height/Weight:  5'7" 185lbs

Average days on snow: 0-10, 

Years Skiing: 30+ 

Skis in your Quiver:   Frontside TechnoPro

Foot issues: Over pronator - Wide foot.

Aggressiveness: Conservative / Moderate(Finesse) 

Preferred Terrain groomers