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A great ski moment.

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(a little back story) I started skiing at age 3 in the 70/71 season, loved it as a kid and teenager. Marriage and money (mostly money) caused me to stop in the early 90's. I got back into skiing in the 08/09 season, my kids (now son 21 & daughter 18) skied for the first time in 09. 


3-4 years ago, my son and I got fat powder skis and we absolutely LOVE the pow and out of bounds/off piste. I got my daughter a pair of powder skis a couple years ago, but she had never really taken to it like my son and I.


Last Saturday, we went up to our local mountain (White Pass). It snowed about 10 inches throughout the day. The powder was light (for the PNW anyway). We enjoyed 4-8 inches of powder most of the day and she was having fun (even with the windy conditions). The last run of the day, I gave my daughter the option of following my son and I off the main run, and she said she wanted to. Virtually no one had been in this area, 6-12 inches of light powder, we ran it for over a half mile. About half way down, after a particularly nice patch, I stopped to wait for my daughter. She skied up to me with an ear to ear grin she couldn't get rid of and giddily said "that was the BEST!", she was just glowing with enjoyment. What I had been hoping for for years, had finally happened, she had that "powder moment" and fell in love with it. She couldn't stop talking about how fun and cool it was. I told her she couldn't imagine how happy that made me to hear her say that. 
It turned out to be one of my (our) most memorable days skiing ever.
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Don't want to steal the thunder from your great family ski moment.  There should be many more to come.  Just adding that I had a similar experience about six years ago at Copper, Mtn, CO, see picture below of my son from that day in Apr 2009.  Something I wrote about it at the time, "After an epic morning we grabbed a bite at a mid-mtn restaurant called Solitude Station and hit some easy blues on the east side of the mtn to rest a bit. Then a friendly local offered to lead us down three runs in the black diamond Union Bowl where the snow was deep, but visibility a little tricky for first timers to Copper. Vince called these runs the highlight of the day - 18 inches deep and pretty light stuff. He finally understands the hypnotic magic of deep pow."

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