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WP/Jane question

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Eagle wind lift opens tomorrow. Whats the easiest access to the area? I know u can drop in from the back side of parsenn via the cat track. Can you get to the lift from the top of the prospector lift that services vasquez ridge? Were staying at the zephyr and I wanna get back there asap in the am.....its gonna be balls deep to a girrafe back there.

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I don't know it well enough to help but I'm very happy to hear it's opening. Love that area of the mountain!
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If by "staying at the zephyr" you mean that your day will start with a ride up the Zephyr lift, probably the easiest way to get there is, from the top of Zephyr take Whistle Stop to High Lonesome. Then from the top of High Lonesome take Switchyard to Village Way. Stay on skier's left of Village way and watch carefully for the gate through the trees on the left, Thunderbird Traverse. That will take you through the forest to about 2/3 of the way down Eagle Wind; you'll cross right under the lift if you keep going, but it will be more interesting to peel off to the right as soon as the trees thin out. Choice number 2 is from the top of Zephyr go down Outhouse and take Super Gauge up to the same get-off point as High Lonesome.


The long way around, and what you will want to do later, is to go up Panoramic and start your way down Village Way. Again, watch carefully on your left for a left turn at Belle Fourche. Don't pick up so much speed on Village Way that you miss your turn. Hopefully, the rope will have been dropped at Belle Fourche's entrance by then. You can get untracked access to Eagle Wind's trees if you peel off Belle Fourche to the right as soon as you are able. There is a really cool way to lap Eagle Wind and Panoramic but someone who knows it really needs to be there to show you the first time. Of course, you can get to Eagle Wind from Vasquez Cirque, but the Cirque surely is nowhere close to opening yet.


Have fun! I'm jealous.


edit: And no, Vasquez Ridge area is lower than Eagle Wind. You leave Eagle Wind when you are finished via Lower Egress to get to the Vasquez Ridge runs. Though, I can't think of a good reason why you would want to do that.


edit part deux: Probably the fastest way of all to get to Eagle Wind, if you have a car, is to park in the C lot at the Jane side and start your day on Super Gauge rather than Zephyr.


edit part trois: I probably need to say that I am only 99.9% sure that you can't get to Eagle Wind from the top of Prospector. I've never tried it, and I don't spend a lot of time over at Prospector. The trail map makes it look doable, but IIRC, there is a deep gully between the top of Prospector and the bottom of Eagle Wind.

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Thanks. Ill take the bird traverse in the morning.
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Draughtguy and myself were lucky enough to catch to Pano opening tuesday where we slayed said untracked pow trees for many many was really deep in there as well. Probably the best runs if my season so far....until tomorrow
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Bring your fatties, goats were sinking to knee deep, mid thigh when u stopped. Its bottomless anywhere off the beaten path.
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A touch sharky directly off the high traverse but once you get 100' below it starts stacking up quickly.
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Nice!! I hope it keeps on keepin' on. I'm up there Jan 31-Feb 6.

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