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Ways to keep you @ss warm? - Page 2

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For me, the perfect solution is down skirts like:





I know, I know....I'm a girl BUT on days when its below -20 or -25C here in Alberta, I've totally seen guys wearing these on the hill. They are amazing, and keep your buns toasty and warm on and off the lift. They've got zips on the side, and you can do them up when you go on the lift, and then unzip them when you're going down a run. I've never had butt or thigh coldness since getting these....

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The thing with down, though, is that it's not warm when you're sitting on it.
post #33 of 34 great for me. but maybe my ass generates sufficient heat that the down retains :)

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How's this for an idea... depends on your jacket/coat, but maybe sew a back pocket (like the old fashioned poachers pocket aka map pocket) large enough to fit a piece of thermarest inside and pull it out before you get on the lift to sit on. Or just stuff it down the front of your jacket.

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