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Huge Calves

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Alrighty so my body type is fairly on the medium size, 180 Lbs 5'8, not too chubby, I mean I like the occasional burger, but nothing too extreme. My whole life I have had massive calves, which means boots are not the best fitting. I would always have to buy larger ski boots for them to fit my calves. But that would mean wiggle room, which eventually means bruised calves at the end of the day!


Do you have any suggestions as to my problem? :/ Boot brands that may assist me with my issue!

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We have used the Scott, previously Garmont Delirium for many years to great effect for people with your problem.  Worth a try.


Boot is just on the short side whig is nice, circumference after molding can be quite high and forward lean can be adjusted to be very upright.  All good in your case.



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check out the web site listed above----shows a tool and a description of how it is used,


What is the circumference of your calves at the top of your liners


what size boots are you skiing---what size feet in centimeters.


Salomon X-Pro 120s are more upright and are heat moldable, which would allow you to bend the boots to an even more upright position if needed.



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Thank you for the recomenndation! 

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found good luck with the technica cochise and magnum as a starting point,  then stretch as needed.


FYI:  a bigger sized boot is a wider top opening, BUT is also taller, so you have more calf in the boot.  might not be the best way to go

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many boot cuffs/spoilers are height adjustable by cutting or grinding. you are not stuck with the size and shape of the boot spoiler/cuff out of the box. see video clip below for demonstration.



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