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Surprisingly not much information immediately available after a quick search. Im sure there are compromises on either side, am I correct in assuming bigger skis are harder to turn and smaller skis lack stability? What are, if any, the additional trade-offs of either side?


Im looking for some new powder skis, in both bowls and trees. Theyll get some AT use, so shorter means lighter but Im more concerned with performance than shaving off a few grams. One particular model, Salomon Q115s has me right in the middle - Im 5'11" 170 - expert level skier = 183 and they come in 178 and 188.


If I were to get these which side should I err on?


I feel like I would be hop turning constantly with the 188s and leaning back on the 178s to keep them up....


Any feedback is appreciated, thanks in advance.