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L'Eroica started as a Randonneuring cycling event in the Chianti wine growing region in Italy in 1997. The event was conceived to bring attention to the shrinking amount of Strada Bianca in Tuscany. The gravel roads of the region have seen many stages of the Giro, and Italians understand the value of protecting their heritage.

The event proved to be very popular. To make the event more selective, the organisers quickly limited participants to vintage bikes. This means, no carbon fiber or welded aluminum. No brifters, only downtube shifters or vintage bar-end shifters. Also, no clipless pedals and a few other restrictions.

Participants came from every continent. Last year additional locations were added in England and Japan. This year California and Spain will get an event for the first time.

The California event will be held in Paso Robles on April 11-12. I hope to have my 1971 Peugeot PX10 ready for the event.

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