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I would appreciate "Boot Guys" expertise

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Hello Boot buys!


I just had my hip replaced, so I am down until late February.  With A LOT of time on my hands, I would greatly appreciate your expertise in today's boot market to help guide me in some research.  I would like to begin researching what boot companies to focus on replacing my current boots. 


About me:  58 y.o., 5'10", 170 LBS.  Grew up skiing at Bridger Bowl since the mid 60's.  I was a USSA racer, ridge rat, USSA coach, without wanting to sound too cocky, lets just say I can turn them both ways and generally find myself skiing around much younger kids. I have had the good fortune to ski all over the Rockies, and with the grace of God, don't see that changing.  I generally skied from 30-60 days a season, and currently looking more like 20-40.  I have always been in a race boot as they have been what works best for me.  In the 80's, I found that Tecnicas fit my foot the best, and continued the trend.  I grew up (literally from age 11) working as a wax shop monkey, then on to a ski tech, then a ski shop owner (my sanity is indeed questioned!)  I gave that up after 15 years as snow farming is a tough show.  My current boot is the Tecnica TNT Explosion 8's.  This is my second shell or the darker orange color.  The first cracked and was replaced for me.  The boot is still doing well, but as we know, it could blow on my next trip out!


My foot:  I am a 25.5 shell.  I have a width of 100mm and a bit of a higher arch.  I have enjoyed custom footbeds and never needed to adjust the cants of the boot as I ride a very flat ski with how they came out of the factory. (provided they were on the intended marks!)


My question:  What current boot maker makes a last similar to the Tecnica last of the 90's and early 00's?  From friends, I have heard that the current Lange RS and RX boots are the closest to my old Explosives.  I know Tecnica and Nordica are now jined at the hip, and I see that the race boots have a 98 or less width.


I appreciate your direction in my search.





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try on some current 100mm shells and see what feels good to you.


with a average foot like that, shouldn't be an issue to find a nice fitting boot.

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A sincere thanks for taking the time to reply.  Am I somewhat close in my conjecture in regard to Lange kind of having a last that is similar to the old Tecnica last?



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kinda,    lange (and all companies) will make very wide boots and very narrow boots.   I think you are somewhere in the middle of this?


So yes,  some current langes MIGHT fit will, as will lots of other brands I think.


best to try some on with your local boot fitter and feel what is best for you.     We can both can only guess, and your feet will tell you what is right

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