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Finding the right size!!

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Am I the only person that has a super hard time finding a good ski size due to rocker..I use a 172 rocked ski it skies short I use a 179 rocked ski it a tad to makes me depressed lol..I now have a 170 full camber ski..I'm 5" 7'...I just want to know if I'm the only person that has this problem or am I being a bit how you say "bitchy" on my ski size?
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I know what you mean, since my skis now range from a 170cm carving ski (no early rise) all the way up to a 188cm powder ski -- I'm 5'8" and never thought I'd be on skis that long again.  I have a 182cm Atomic Ritual which is great in soft snow, but it does feel too long on most days.  I really enjoy my 172cm Salomon Q98 skis, which I thought would feel too short, but actually feel perfect in all but the deepest snow.  I think a major part is the differences in the degree of the "early rise" between the brands really affects how long the ski feels -- as well as the tail rise.  I think it's just trial and error to find the right ski and the right length.  Good luck finding your sweet spot!



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It's condition based. Skis come in two sizes for most of the conditions you will encounter: too short and too long.


I have skis from 165 cm to 208 cm, but don't have a rockered ski in my collection yet.  Still pick any ski in my collection and it will be too short for some conditions, meaning if I could swap it out for the next longer size on that exact run under those exact conditions I would.  Under other conditions I might prefer a shorter ski.


Rocker complicates things, in that you won't know what the ski will feel like until you ski it or ski enough similar profiled skis.  IMHO, it's still best to go by where your weight falls on the bell curve and what lengths the ski comes in, modified by your hieght if a lot taller or shorter, and your speed if significantly faster.

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