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Well, DB if the alternative is, as Ski&Golf asks, to shut it down, yes. I'd rather carry on sdiscussing it with a "limited" group of person, than to see it closed and erased.
And, ski&golf, let's go back to 2001 sept 11...
I haven't read then, from anyone, please to close the "political" thread.
It seems to me a bit "shortsighted" on your side to ask such a thing now, that something smilar happened in Europe.
USA had my simpathy then, my -not acritical- support, I'd expect to see the same now, that sides are reversed.

DB, "stai sfondanto una porta aperta" with me.
I have nothing against your idea about not killig innnocents in raq, we can go on rambling about why the second gulf war was started, its rel motives, I mean. I disagree with those who say that it was the right reply to sept 11, still, one needs to chose side, now. And that bloody thing that is the Iraq war needs to be finished, the right way. Not by a mere withdrawl (I hear rumors that the new Spanish governemnt is already declaring that it will retire its troops by y.e).
I'll use an analogy, "better red than dead" was once said.
To whom many replied "better dead than red".
With all the limitations of our civilization, what do we want? Peace, of course, but the real question is, at which price?
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Yes I agree, would rather discuss it in the supporters lounge than have it shut down.

When there are terrorist attacks people understandably get nervous & scared, they want to see some action. Doing something is better than nothing right? So they lash out at who they think it might be. They are much more willing to believe 'evidence' that supports such action. We went through the same in England and ended up with a string of false convictions (Birmingham 6, Guildford 4 etc) which only made matters worse.

Hopefully one day the people behind the 11 Sept 2001 will be caught and justice will be done. If in the meantime American alienates itself from the rest of the world and kills thousands of might be terrorists (inc women and children) then that isn't justice and America will not benefit from that. Such actions are enough to trigger the next world war. With all the nuclear capability out there the next one isn't going to be pretty.

America will benefit from actions taken on the basis of real hard evidence, until it has such evidence supported by other credible people it should spare the lives of it's might be enemies.

[ March 15, 2004, 07:40 AM: Message edited by: DB ]
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I thought this thread was all right, in fact a good thing, to express our sadness for the tragedy in Madrid. But I just realized it is turning into a place for political debate which is not all right in this forum (the Community Announcement/Site Admin forum). All political debate belongs in the Supporter Lounge where there are no topic limitations.

Which way do you want this to go? Expression of sorrow and support for those affected by the tragedy in Spain, or political discussion in which case I move this thread to the lounge here:
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AC, any way you wish. Since it has already become a "political" debate, I think it is better to move it to the lounge. There, at least it can be discussed a bit further (in time, not in depth/fantasy of insults and the likes).
I predict this thread will die soon enough, anyway.
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DB, I haven't read everything on this thead, just a few replies.
But, if the theory you refer at the beginning is one of "conspiration", then , since the Socialist
party has won the election in Spain, is it to be inferred that the socialsit are the ones behind the conspiration?
And bear in mind that the Socialist "are" opposed to Spain involvment in Iraq.
On the same line, I am against all kind of terrorism, even IRA (but then, IRA has been quiet for a while, or has just been kept out of the papers?)
I've been exposed to terrorism all my life too, even thought the danger was not so high here in Italy, but all sides used (right wind, left wing and anarchists) the bombs and the terror.
Again, on the same line, how comes that many
Italian communist terrorist, convicted of murder and worse, are being hosted in France, in the open, and the "system" there refuses to deport them to Italy, where their right fate awaits them? But the "black" ones and the anarchists are in prison?

MADDOG, it seems that the Spanish "giant" is not so. Only future events will tell.

A.C./D.C. I think you'd better move this thread into the supporter longue.
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