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advice on my current SKI's .... to upgrade or keep [in PA, 6'4"]

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hi everyone ! need some advice and i apologize in advance for the novel. i got into skiing about 6 yrs ago and didn't want to deal with rentals so i bought my own gear when i got into it. i did the research yrs ago when i purchased them and i think i made the right choices as i purchased online ,but i think im ready for a "critic" on my skis. im pretty much a lone wolf i dont have any friends that are into skiing so im turning to this forum for advice.


i ski the poconos, camelback, blu mtn, eagle rock would like to try some other mtns this yr , and possibly take a trip to vermont. but mainly CB and blu ... so i guess thats your typical eastern ice, man made snow , dont really have anything to compare it to . and i have never skied powder and have no real desire right now to try . 


right now i ski mainly green and blue trails. i dont like to push myself to hard as i enjoy skiing more for the relaxing nature of it and not the high speed rush of it but i do take some risk and do have the desire to try black trails in the future 


i have never taken a lesson but i ski confidently and without any issues. i can keep both of my skis parallel and straight . i can carve in shorter arches and come to a stop, only time i do the "pizza pie" is when there is traffic , i do a pretty good job for being self taught, past week i went to camel back , and did 13 runs in about 2 hours all over the mtn with no fall downs etc .. dont have anyone to compare that info with or against , but im very happy with my results esp since i did not ski at all 13/14 season 


im 6'4'' tall 225lbs  


so . with alittle bit of my back ground , here is what i have 


K2 apache sabres    i think they are a 2009 model    specs are 119-72-103    length 174cm     16m radius 


from my understanding these are more of an entry level ski. i feel im alittle beyond that point and im wondering if its time to move up to something alittle different or just stick with what i have ?  im in no hurry to get something new , but i do like to know if i would be better suited for something else 


any advice , suggestions would be great.

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I would find a good ski shop where you're intending to ski and demo a pair of newer skis. Talk to the guys in the shop and explain that you're an improving skier looking for a pair of skis to continue progressing on. Demo a couple skis and get a feel for what each one does well. Once you've got this experience under your belt, you should be able to make an informed decision on whether a new pair of skis is beneficial. Have fun with it!

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Hi digger, I ski those mountains as well, live down in the Kennett Square area. Elk Mountain is not too far for you and their annual free demo day is Jan. 9. I'll be there on a bus trip to demo some skis. I'm sort of in the same boat as you at 6'7", 230 lbs, blues and easy blacks. I've skied for 6 years and currently use an Experience 83, 184 cm. An "advanced recreational" ski, can be had for cheap online right now if you are interested, but I want to see if an advanced ski will suit me now. At our weight we are right at the limit of most ski size charts, so should be looking at the longest available. So consider that demo day and see what really suits you. Of course, you'll probably need new boots as well!
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Boot's what do you have for boots ?


Now that your here, boots are the most important part. find a good boot fitter and see what they can do for your current boots or recommend a better boot.


For skis, check out the sept issue of Ski Magazine that's the gear guide. Read through it and see what sounds good to you. Then google the ski and read the reviews.


I have bought 3 pairs of skis recently from skiessientials.com  you may be able to find last years skis for less money if you don't need the latest gear.


I like the freeride skis, upper 80's waist and versatile. After you get the new gear, think about taking a lesson or two. You may be surprised at the results.

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