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Powder Highway Trip/Revelstoke

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I have a flight arriving in Spokanne, Wa on Jan 16th at 11:00 am, departing on the 25th at 6:00 pm (9 days)

I have 4 free nights to stay at a condo in Canmore, Alberta

I have always wanted to go to Revelstoke

I have a Mountain Collective Pass w/ 2 free days at LL  or Sunshine

I have never skied Panorama, Red, Whitewater, Scweitzer ( I would like to sample a couple)


Plan A

Day 1 -Travel , stay in panorama

Day 2-  ski Panorama

Day3-6- Ski Banff/Kicking Horse

Day 7-8- Revelstoke

Day 9-Red or Schweitzer, fly home


Plan B

Day 1-Drive to Revelstoke

Day 2-3- revelstole

Day 4-Kicking Horse

Day 5-7- Banff

Day 8 Panorama

Day 9-Schweitzer, fly home


Need help planning


Its a lot of driving, but it is a road trip


I am open to anything...


 would be thankful for any suggestions. Trip is around the corner

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I'd decide on the 15th, based on conditions.
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plan A -

imagine your thinking Panorama to break up the drive and certainly hope your saving enough money on the flight/rental to make the extra driving hours worth it.


Personally I would drive directly to Canmore on the travel day if your planning on using the condo for 4 days and max the days at Sunshine and Lake Louise early.


It's a fair amount of driving if you plan on doing Kicking Horse and return to condo. It's certainly doable and a pretty drive but it's better to ski Louise then overnight in Golden (kicking Horse) or drive directly to Golden in the am and not return to Canmore.

Do the drive to Revelstoke right after skiing Kicking Horse (best timing for any Hwy closures being cleared)

In the unlikely event you encounter a long closure while in Golden its another day at Kicking Horse or Panorama if your thinking of heading south. .  


of course keep current on conditions and adjust,there will be big differences in the ranges your skiing.   

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Good advice from noncrazycanuck to keep an eye on conditions and then make final decisions.


Normally I would recommend driving 2.5 hours north from Spokane to Red Mt. and Whitewater but right now according to Red's website they have 14 of 100 runs open. They got hit very hard by mid December's record mild temps. Whitewater only recently opened the Morning Glory Chair so the great  tree skiing that it services might not be that great. OTOH Whitewater gets the most snow of any on the "Powder Highway" so it could recover in time for the OP's trip.


Panorama gets the least snow and I think they have snow making top to bottom, a claim that no other BC resort can make. It is mostly a cruising mountain. Tayton Bowl, their black diamond area, has a ski out at the bottom and takes 3 chairlifts to do laps. Disclaimer: While over the years I have talked to lots of people who have skied Panarama, I have not been there myself. It is not on my bucket list.


As has been mentioned, Rogers Pass between Golden and Revelstoke has frequent day long closures for avalanche control, avalanches, and fatal MVAs. However if the OP is flying out of Spokane, then getting "stuck" in Revy means driving south to Spokane via highway 23 and 6 or getting "stuck" in Golden means heading to Spokane via highway 95. So the Op won't get stranded but might have a long drive to get to Spokane.

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^^^^ What Dano says.


The PNW has had a weak start to the season.


Skiing at Whitewater is OK, and probably less affected by the December rain events than most others because it sits at a higher elevation. Sunday, December 28 was one of the busiest days I've ever seen there, even though they only had about 6" new with a 56" base. Many people from Other Places Which Shall Not Be Named flashing season passes to get discounts because their home areas aren't doing well.


Still, Whitewater is something like 18" less than what we like to think is normal for Christmas. The rocks are covered but creating large irregular moguls. Some intermediate runs are looking strangely un-intermediate. I have skied three days without hitting any rocks. I have mostly stayed out of the trees. There is plenty of willow sticking out. We're praying for snow.


Be aware that Kicking Horse requires a lot of snow to ski well. Check conditions frequently.

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We're doing great over in Whitefish, just four hours from Spokane. 100% open. Might not be on your list, but check conditions when you arrive.
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Red is my favorite place to ski - when they have the snow. Schweitzer is ok, especially if you like big bowls and it skis ok when we haven't got a ton of snow, unlike red. I'd base my Red vs Schweitzer on coverage alone.
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I was at Kicking Horse on New Years Eve, the alpine is good to go (maybe a little boney) but the lower half of the mountain is in poor shape. Definitely worth checking out as they are getting more snow this week.


Personally I would skip Panorama, it's boring and never gets snow. 


Revy and KH are a must, and Lake Louise/Sunshine are worth checking out as you have free days in Canmore anyway.

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Keep an eye out on conditions - KH is not doing too well right now. The conditions at Sunshine and LL were the best in the area for early season, and should be even better, as we are supposed to get snow everyday this week! It's already been snowing for 2 days in Canmore and Banff. I would try and do the drive straight up from Spokane to Canmore as well. Then hit up LL and Sunshine, then go to KH for a day (depending on conditions) and then straight on to Revy. I would stay in golden for a night - it's a good town. Revy, and then back down to Spokane - stop perhaps at Fernie, depending on conditions. I was at Fernie over new years - really icy and windblown. Needs more snow. Have fun! Sounds like a great trip. 

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And I second skipping Panorama - it's been a really bad start to the season. 

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