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Got by the Glop

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went down saturday, last run of the day, under chair one at baldy in the sun-baked mush and was certain i'd torn the left mcl and broken ribs. turns out merely a nice knee sprain and some bruised ribs. (i have a vague recollection of collapsing onto the end of the handle of my firmly planted pole.)
as i lay there i could not help but notice the number of skiers and boarders who scooted right by me.
if this is what a sprain is, i have zero desire to ever experience a tear. yikes. i'll be hobbling a bit for awhile and gobbling motrin but i should be able to ski again in a few weeks.
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Caught a pole, huh? I know that one. And under the chair even? Man, I feel your pain.

At least it's the end of the season, or near the end. Can you imagine this happening in January?

Speedy recovery to you, ryan.
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Ouch, get well soon..

P.S. if it's any consulation I'm told that sprains hurt much more than a tear so maybe it's a a good thing there is pain. RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) Oh yeah, anti inflammatories not just pain killers. Advil, Aleeve, Asprin, Celebrex, Relafen, ETC.
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I'm tired of people complaining about their leg injuries.
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Glad it was not to serious. I cannot believe people would pass anyone by that looked to be injured.
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Ouch James. Rio hates the effusive sentimentality in after-ESA2 posts, you're fed up with people coming here and looking for sympathy after sustaining this rate tgr and powmag will turn into the places to go to get friendly support and epic will become known as the place to hang out for tough-skinned (and tough-limbed, actually) skiers. We'll show them! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Judging from your high member number, I guess you weren't around here the last two seasons, when I broke my right leg twice within ten months.

But don't worry... I'm flying to SLC tomorrow night to see if I can make it a three-peat.

And yes, I feel Ryan's pain. We were supposed to ski together on Friday.
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ooops, james, I forgot you were the one who broke his leg on his trip to Europe last year. Sorry if I missed a notional 'winky' or just a drop of sadness in your post. My comments were anyway intended to be funny, not to attack...

Have fun in SLC!
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Hey, my complaint with the post-ESA posts was they were kidnapping every thread on the forum and turning them into giant group hugs. I don't mind Ryan trying to get some sympathy over his injuries. Crap, the guy's trying to become a dedicated skier while living in the LA area.....he needs all the support he can get.
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yeah that grippy snow sometimes grips too hard eh ryan? glad to hear there's no damage... but remember, "sprain" usually is a bit of a tear, not enough to warrant repair... so magnify that one and imagine how we knee victims have suffered. pity us. we have earned it. heh.

glad you're not a knee victim.
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gonz, believe me, i have given it some thought. was lucky enough to sit next to a guy in the hospital (pre-diagnosis, pre-motrin) who'd had three knee surgeries on torn ligaments. boy, was i feeling down about then.
i feel pretty dang lucky, really.

"I don't want a hug, a want a painkiller and i want it NOW."
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Ryan, yikes! heal well and quickly.
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Ouch!!! Ryan!!! Well I hope you get better soon. By the way, how was the free sleigh ride?

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sleigh ride, hay ride.
I skied down with a donald rumsfeld "i will soon eat your kids" smile plastered all over my face.

[ March 10, 2004, 12:33 PM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Ryan, you make me laugh. I too have had a few skiing accidents, a few which were pretty severe, but I also have not had the pleasure of the post injury sleigh ride.

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Ryan says he skied down after thinking he'd really injured a knee.

I know two Donald R-types who turned a strain/sprain into the need for surgical interventions with such behavior.

If your knee really hurts, don't ski on it. It's OK to ski in if you have the skills to apply all the pressure to the other leg. If not, get the red toboggan ride until you've determined there really is no injury.

Oh, by the way, hope you're feeling better soon, Ryan.
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yes, coach, all pressure on other leg (thanks, harb, for the Sustained Super Phantom Move). and i wasn't all that far from the bottom, anyway.
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Originally posted by dchan:
Oh yeah, anti inflammatories not just pain killers. Advil, Aleeve, Asprin, Celebrex, Relafen, ETC.
Not for 24-48 hours....

Rest - is adjusted these days... should still mobilise just rest to decrease pain etc...

Ice - 10mins out of every hours for 24-48 hours... then you can alternate cold/hot....
& it does not mean put ice on it - it means use a cold pack (wrapped) ice damages the skin
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Sorry to hear that Ryan... take care...
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Owww Ryan, sorry about the knee. MCL sprain hurts like hell but it heals ok if you follow all the good advice.

One more thing - PT from a good sports-oriented Physical Therapist once it's healed enough to begin working it. I got a bad MCL sprain 4 years ago at Whistler. When I got home I was lucky to find a PT who had me on all kinds of weird dynamic "I'm gonna fall if I can't stablize" stuff, pulling in the direction of the weakness with a Thera-band while I had to stand or hop on one leg. Behind the back medicine ball passes while on one leg doing squats, all kinds of cool stuff.

Obviously this wasn't for a while until after I could work the knee.

Dynamic balance is crucial, not just the medical model of static functional rehab. You not only want to be able to walk and climb stairs, you need to be able to ski - the PT needs to work on those motions.

In the States (at least in many of them) you need a prescription from your MD to see a Physical Therapist (insert standard "Nanny State" rant here). Make sure your physician sends you to a sports-oriented rather than an in-hospital "Occupational Rehab" type of PT. In my case I had to reject his choice and find my own, then get him to prescribe to my choice of PT.

Also I went to a PT at Whistler almost immediately after the injury back then, for icing, some ultrasound stimulation, other stuff. And a good temporary professional brace, way better than the drugstore stuff.

It worked - I can barely remember that I injured that knee.

Good luck!
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posted by ryan: I skied down with a donald rumsfeld "i will soon eat your kids" smile plastered all over my face.
You're an animal, ryan. I'll bet you'd gnaw off a limb without batting an eye and keep on skiing. Rrrrruff!!
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I recommend deep tissue massage to help the knee recovery, just got to find someone who knows what they are doing.
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oops. goofed post.
ryan, get well, woof woof

Never mind....
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Ryan, get well. two saturdays ago I stopped by a gir who had hit another lady in the back, with an helmeted head nonetheless.
The girl was the one who was showing the most pain...go figure.
Both refused my advice to call for medical assistance and have a check. My kids asked me, afterwards, "dad, why are you worrying for the whole world??"
(this was said without malice on their part, they were merely observing something)
I replied that since I was a big boy and since I was...(I halted the sentence mid air because I did not know what to say, really, "better skier" is not the right thing...has nothing to do with stopping and helping others right?) I felt my duty to stop and help. Did the right things like putting my skis crossed uphill and so on. But not being a doc or a patroller, I couldn't check them and be sure they were ok.
Still what got me thinking was that the girl (actually must have been 16-17 y.o) was showing great pain, claiming was feeling horrible in her head, and still after 5-10 minutes stood up and went away...I was baffled. It got me thinking, I would have done the same thing. And your skiing down with an injuried knee...
Maybe we all feel we are like...don't know.
I drove my motorbike home after a crash, with a broken vertebra, and then walked to the hospital, once, many years ago.Were I a bit more cold blooded I would have taken the doctor advice and waited forthe ambulance... May these reactions be due to the shock (and the adrenaly) wave the pain gives us?
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Originally posted by jamesdeluxe:
But don't worry... I'm flying to SLC tomorrow night to see if I can make it a three-peat.

And yes, I feel Ryan's pain. We were supposed to ski together on Friday.
I, too, feel Ryan's pain; I boogered my right knee (mcl sprain?) last Saturday on the last run of the day. The powder, on a south facing slope, had but one track in it and I felt the need to add my signature to the page. About three turns in, my right ski dropped below the sun-crust and I went ass-over-tea-kettle.

After two front somersaults, I came to rest about fifty feet below where my ski stopped. I would like to delude myself into thinking that the pop I heard was simply the release of my binding. It was a tough hike up a steep hill when I kept sinking up to my waist in soft snow. It took quite a while, but I did retrieve my ski. And, yes, I skied to the bottom as well.

I'm paying a visit to my doctor friend this afternoon and - depending on how hard he shakes his finger in my face - I may or may not be skiing with jamesdeluxe at The Canyons tomorrow. :

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IG, dang it, I told ya to keep the knees safe! heh heh heh. Sorry to hear it, the "pop" isn't a good thing. At least it's not December, eh? Good luck at the orthopod's office.
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Speedy recovery to you all
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What's the prognosis, Inspector?
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I am certified in amputation.
My work is smooth and clean.
I clean up after so you and your friends can party.
I'm not saying this is what the situation calls for, I'm just bringing to your attention that I am certified in amputation. What you do with this information is entirely up to you.
A belated heartfelt, sorry to hear about your broken leg and all that. I skied Kitz last week and you missed out boy. I hope you come back once the dollar is worth more than the Pesetas again.
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i do believe i've just been plagiarized.
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