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Atomic Redster or Rossignol (Hero)

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I'm starting high school racing in lower MI this year (250'-450' vertical) and don't really know what to do this year. I'm 16, male, 135# and 5'11" and pretty strong for my weight.  My current gear is used Rossi/Lange which I managed to acquire fairly cheap.  Skis and boots wise this is what I have:


*165 Rossi fis sl skis (11-12) w/ ibox plate and rossignol 100s bindings din 3-10

*155 Rossi fis sl skis (07-08) w/ ibox plate and rossignol 100s bindings din 3-10

*Lange World Cup 150 size 26.5 and unknown (stiff) flex (very precise fit)


Turns out (no pun intended) I'm have actually pretty good technique for never racing before and can carve turns better than most of the rest of the team even without any gate experience yet myself.  My boot fitter said I lucked out with the Lange boots because my foot is shaped well for them.  I know I'll need to be on the 155s once gate training starts for sl. So I need to sell the 165s (anyone interested) and get the 155s ground, sharpened and waxed because they aren't in racing condition.  Is that worth it for a sl ski going on seven years old for high school racing with (I'm not sure, but assuming) crappy bindings?  


I was taking a look around on ebay and found these:



Rossi is all I have ever skied on, so I'm nervous to make a switch, but nowhere can I find a review of these skis. What would they be like compared to my current Rossis?  


Another question..I'm just full of questions today - The Langes need new liners.  Should I get some lace up ones (which ones)? or get the wrap style ones my local store was trying to sell me (they don't stock lace ups)? Or is it even worth it, I got the boots originally for $10 haha. I really like the look of the new Rossi Heros, but found these:




Would match well with the sl skis ;)


Thanks for the help

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If the 165s are in good shape, post them here, always easy to sell 165 slaloms!   Assuming the 155s are still in decent shape, a grind and tune should cost you around $50 so probably worth it if you are going to be racing on them.  i wouldn't buy the Atomics in 155 because if you continue racing/grow a bit you are going to need a bit more ski.  The 165s may still be a bit too much in gates at your weight but you will be ready to move to a 157/158 (check out the 157 Fischers i have for sale here) .


What I would straggly advise as a first move though is to get your boots cut down to soften them.  A 150 flex @ 135# is simply creating issues for yourself.  TYou want to be able to flex the boot and with a 150 it aint going to happen.  trust me, i know from experience!.  I was in a 150 for several years but results and skiing has improved markedly by going softer.  @ 165# I am now in a 130 cut down to about 115 flex.


good luck!

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I'm interested in the 165's.  PM me for what you want for them.

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