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Powder and Upgrades Boost Central Idaho Skiing

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Every once in a while I see something that calls me to ski Idaho, but I've never made it there to ski.  

This article in OnTheSnow has me thinking I need to start thinking  harder about a trip to Idaho, although we've thought more about the Sandpoint area......hmmmm, thinking, thinking.....


 Skiers have four reasons to visit central Idaho: Sun Valley, Brundage Mountain, Tamarack and snow. There, the dry Rocky Mountain powder fluffs off the skis and puts smiles on faces.




Photo cred:  Danny Walton


I'm sure @Freeride  and @GoldMember  will have something to say about this. 

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Idaho!!!! I have been fortunate enough to have skied all 17 ski resorts in Idaho over the past 7 years, I can tell you that the state is a Hidden Gem for skiing! There's usually quality snowfall at all the resorts, hospitality that is second to none and plenty of choices to fit any ones budget.


                                           Tommy Frey getting a little of the pow goodness at Lookout Pass



From true down home Mom and Pop ski hills like Bald Mountain, Cottonwood, Snowhaven, Pommerelle and Lookout Pass just to name a few.



                      Bill Savitz AKA GoldMember charging hard at Snow Haven which is a city owned and operated ski hill.



Cottonwood Butte just happens to be a mile up the road past the state correctional facility! Cottonwood's slogan is "Escape to Cottonwood"


Theres also plenty of upper end resorts with lots of food and accommodation choices like Silver Mountain, Tamarack and the iconic Sun Valley.



      Silver Mountain has plenty of Honey Holes like South of the Border



Even when there isn't blower pow the groomers are always inviting. Lynne "Banana Pants" Weiland laying down a trench on her home mountain of Bogus Basin.



I've had some incredible pow days at every ski resort. Idaho definitely has it going on! 

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Two amazing things about Idaho skiing is how few skiers go there, and how few locals leave.  


It is much larger and more diverse than most people realize. Consider it fills an area from Utah to Canada. Freeride and the crew have shown us more about Idaho skiing than words can ever match.

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Were heading up there next month.
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Our Snowbasin passes allow us three free days at Sun Valley. Not sure we'll use them this year, but we hope to next for sure!

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Idaho is a great ski state! What's a little unfortunate about the article is that it only hits on the central state areas of Sun Valley, Brundage, and Tamarack. There are plenty of other areas in the state like Schweitzer and Silver Mountain in the north that get plenty of snow and are hidden gems. There are also a bunch of smaller community ski areas throughout the state that are great ski hills. Pebble Creek outside of Pocatello, for one, comes to mind. Lynne Weiland's home hill, Bogus Basin can be a great area and is very convenient from Boise. Another favorite of mine is Lost Trail. Freeride and I have traveled to essentially all of them and have had a blast at each one. Good stuff.


Trekchick - You know it's time to go north and come see us at Schweitzer! The only caveat I would add; give us a few weeks to get a little better snowpack. It's been a bit of a lean year so far (el nino years aren't typically the best) but, it's coming.... 

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