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Roxy Juicy Ski Boot

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I read in another thread that Rossignol makes Roxy ski boots. I got a pair of Roxy Juicys as a gift along with skis and bindings-- a new set up.


I've used Tecnicas for most of my skiing, then Dalbellos, then Tecnicas again.


I can't remember what my first pair of Tecnicas were, but the Dalbellos were the Matrix Divas which I found for $5.00 so had to try them out. Shockingly, they were the best fitting boot I've ever used and I'm not sure why. I didn't modify them at all... just used them right out of the box.


I was sure they were going to be terrible as they didn't seem like they were a serious boot; they were pink on top of it all, but they fit my foot so well.  My tecnicas are the Innotec tI-4s, which have served me fairly well, but my feet always cramp up in them. Outside of those pink Dalbellos, I have never had a good fitting boot.



I tested out the new set up, but didn't like the Roxys. My feet were "floating" in them, from front to back, and top to bottom. I kept gripping/curling my toes just to touch the foot bed at all. They are the same size as my Tecnicas, but they feel huge in the foot. I haven't tried modifying them, I don't think it's worth it being as they aren't a serious boot, unless you guys have some advise. 


As far as I go... I'm an advanced skier (I raced for many years), but petit and light with a very narrow foot and high arch. I ski on Marker bindings and Volkl skis. 


If you guys have some good guidance-- maybe a different direction in the boot department-- I'd really appreciate it! 




p.s. I'm not married the Roxys by any means & I still have my Tecnicas... The Dalbellos are not with me any longer. 

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Originally Posted by ski-girl View Post


My feet were "floating" in them, from front to back, and top to bottom. I kept gripping/curling my toes just to touch the foot bed at all. 

They sound both too big (wrong size) and way too high volume (wrong fit), they are also targeted at more of a beginner level skier, which almost always means the fit is designed for initial comfort, not longer term performance... they aren't designed to feel any different than what you are feeling. Unfortunately there is no 'fix' for this, a different boot is the only real solution.

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Thank you for the confirmation... I figured as much. I was leery about using them, but thought I should give them a try as they were a gift. Oh well. I'll be going into the ski shop to see about a more serious boot with fitted insoles. 

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